Diveraat Comparison 2014, Leiden; Rhynvest: Rabobank 2014: New York stock market.

In the psyatric hospital Rhynvste, where I was recovering from Puffer Fish intoxination in 2014, I discorvered at the end of 2014 the solution to control the interest divergation for the Rabobank The Netherlands.

They paid a crimial bank dicector one miljard euro for the comparison I deliverd and payd out the hospital 440 million euro to keep the theft silent, I was severe tortured beacause of my field work.


P(Y100 . X100)(Y-1)=0



13   3        300










2Y . (X100)-(200)P

Maximum Speed through Universe by man, a Thesis by Algebra: Vincent Massée, 2019

Vincent Massée brings some foundation in Algebra and Mechanics by flight through deep space.


The Mechanics from this vessle do come later when the drwaing board is ready for the Commercial Space Aviaton Plane.


Today I present my calculations at the maximum human speed though Universe, without starvation of the mind or body.


The conditions within the craft must be maintained by the same thesis like the progress of the vessle.


Only a quantum Jump can increase the time of traveling with a gradual infinit time meassuring.

In Human Life is the timeline of a Quantum Jump just a blinck of an eye.



Vincent Massée, Homo Universalis, 2019

Novels and short stories at Amazon.com Kindle E reader from US 0,99

The artbooks by Vincent Massée are famous in Holland and Belgium.

Here he writes Dutch and French.


Right from 2018 when Vincent Massée (Haarlem 1966, Noord-Holland) listed his works primary at Amazon.com, after fraud with two Dutch Publishers in self publishing; Vincent does write and think in English.


At his authorspage at Amazon.com are various books, Cooking manuals, Poetry, SF, Fabels and True Crime Thrillers.



This year Vincent Massée compeats with the various and good writers at Amazon.com to the price of short novels with the Amarican Fabele Catalina Island, by Vincent Massée 2019.

For the story about Catalina nature and animal life, the author did good search to true sorces of information.

He found it even at Youtube, where he listened at some songs about Catalina Island life.

The fable with Illustrations by the artist Vincent is situated within the threat of nature destruction and the human efforts to preserve nature for future mankind and the USA like a whole.


Upcoming is the long story The Mountains Spring, here is the situation in the Netherlands put against the ideal democrat society.

Vincent was severe tortued in the Dutch cells where he in his fight with organized crime was put by corrupt social workers, spychiatrits and bought judges.


In Holland is even the gouvernment and the crown to presave to torture for interests and given money by a mighty criome organisation, the European Mob, lead from Leiden, South Holland.


This English spoken novel The Mountains spring, is upcoming in February 2019 in paper novel and Kindle E reader. 





Vincent Massée, thinker, Humanist, scientist, artist and writer.


Massée Q200-D in progress, form and shape evolutionary presentend, 2019

Massée technics develops solutions to mathematical problems.

The first problem to encounter is true aerospace aviation, in the direction of Mars and beyond.


Now the form and shape is clear, we can say that for athmospery outbreack there where and extra set of engines installed.

The first plan to lift horizontally is left too, it would give a low escape feloccity in athmospheric escape speed.


The wings are black, becouse another angle of entry is requested to land at normally fields in parabolic flight and entry after missions in deep space.


The fuel is not inflamable and given in the icons of view two ( Lianar drawing in Word.)


Now we make the mechanic and abgebraïc designs, to lift the drawing to reality.



M  Vincent Massée, Massée Technics

Overall vieuw, design 2019 Massée Q200-D

MasséeQ 200-D, Wings, Hull shape and Engines; posterior, 2019

Desingn to the Massée Q200-D Fianally stage, 2019

Study Massée Q200, phase two, 2019

Pre design Massée Q200, pfase one 2019

Cruise missiles in several use and form

There is today's only the millitary use of cruise missles.

Since the development in the late years 70 of the previous century cruise missles are the most likely strategic missile.


Recently the Russan Federation even got his own form of cruise missile, but in fact it's an low tension various shaped missile.

It reaches 620 Kilometer from stadart point and can reach a speed of 500 m/s, with a various altitude difference aproximilley 1000 till 3 meters from ground leavel.

Difference in altitude 5 sec in 550 m/s time.


Thus far the words of Vladimir Putin in spring 2018.


The development of nature preservation is a high valuated effort by Massée Technics.

There is an equal use possible like the Russain mainframe, with various loads and a form with several lounching tubes for granates in missile shape for annemy troops pennetrating efforts.


The Amazon rocket can controll upper athmosphere with radio nano pheres.

Radio because radiographic tension is the carrier of little dust Nano parts who give cloutes form and shape and do lift storms away from the eye of an hurricane.


After the development of the Commercial and military planes for orbital use Massée Technics will bow over the ultimate sollution in Algebra by these scientific problems.


The Nano parts are in progress.



Vincent Massée, Massée Technics


Stealth Technology since 1956 till 2018

The first results of stealth where highly classifid. Nowadays stealth is all over the world and even the Russian defense industry is using stealth radar technology.


My first aquaintance with stealty was in the years 70' of the previous century, a photo of a stealth bomber from the USA Army also usable for spy missions.


The stealth plane could reach high speed and less altitude equavalation in flight.

My scientific aquaintance came in 1985 when I saw at Vlieland a high secret testing facillity by the US ingeniers of the US army, testing a stealth radar.

I heard their calculations and all the test results.

You can understand that a young man of 19 years old and not got by torture or drugs by the democrat society of Holland is highly cought by the results and his capeblillity to understand (IQ 335)


Nowadays the comany Massée Technics is using the same radar technics' to controll athmospheric conditions.

How did the radar work generally?


The divice put on low tension sounds in high frequency parameters, and fires back the infomation to the target.

The target reacts y sending the information louder and more clear into the radar dicice again.

It's an mono circulair loupe.


The debree in space must be controlled and put out of danger before it hits passengers. Its namely not nice when your man got a metorite in his head on your honeymoon.

After this week I hope to give the first over all calculation of an random aeronautic plane, wich can also go into earth athmosphere' n the following stage drawings of the commercial and the fighter will be presented.



Vincent Massée, President Diorector, Massée Technics

Commercial airliner at spacial and atmosphric conditions upcoming

At the summer of 2019 we proudly present the first design of an commercial jet which can orbit the moon, fly to Mars in 1,3 hour at half speed.


There will be room for 250 passengers and 15 crue man.

The Q200 will be driven by 300.000 megaton tail engines and fly at maximum speed by fluor raiation, a new type of energy which is non toxic and is maintained by fluor tanks and magnesium crabonite, precise calculations of engine and radiation sphere' are for the paying byer only.


We give a calculation at light speed and earth fellocity on board of the space vessle in orbit.


An orbit dockingbay is one of the extra options.


Diameter, docking system, energy transport and environmental air and toxic reduction is given in the design, on interent the matematical design of the hull structure and the enrgy plant.


At the end of 2019 we proudly present a fighter bomber ready for several conditions, In speace, aire and deep sea.

2 twin 500.000.000 megaton engines, 8 board laser canons, multiple frequence stealth are sa few of the fighters' speciafcations.


For one man misson, two man airstrike and mutiple tornado attacks.


Also sutalbel for cruise missiles by Massée Technics, the 505A or the 404B.

The 505 A is a stealth missile and the 404B is a radio disturbing missile.



We present our news with the forthbringing that there can be a delay in calculations by exclusion of defects.



Vincent Massée, Massée technics


Massée Technics

Massée Technics by mathematical designer Vincent Massée (Haarlem 1966) is a young comapny based on mathematical sollutions in aviation at spacial, solar and environmental sollutions.

No cure no pay.


The founder Vincent Massée sought in 2014 a financial problem in the calculation of the divirate interst (2013-2014) to his natural banking standarts.

The Rabo Bank is using his sollution after showning the maths to the bank director in Leiden city.


Later the comapny does want to give his efforts to solve tumors and other kind of cancer by non toxic and non madacal sollutions then Nano technology only.


Nowadays Vincent Massée messured the Gallaxy to his depth, form and shape in a equalavation which is a new kind of mathematical princilple which gives shape to much problems in realtivity of origin and kind in mathematical spheres.


The weaponry and fighters of Massée  technics will bring NATO to his next stage.

Less personell, more reach from high altitude by solar moons obritting to take our ground prsonell over the globe with an accuracy of 0,001 milisecond.


The same satellite can also be used to cover natural shape and chanches in climate at one Nano part at 100.000 km hight.


Any assignment will be secure and only drwan by hand without computer use.



M Vincent Massée, designer, president director.

Vincent Massée, President Director Massée technics

Oever, Olieverf op doek, Vincent Massée, 2009

Rivierbocht, Olieverf op doek, Vincent Massée 2009

Angel, 210cm, Ferro Cement/ Messing, Vincent Massée 2006

Vincent Massée auto portrait 2018


The Written work of Vincent Massée is various

I do like to speak shortly and open about two books about life and science fiction by the hand of the auteur Vincent Massée (Haarlem 1966 the Netherlands) 'Mounting Spring' and 'Supremacy' (kindle e reader)


In the novel about life 'Mounting Spring' Vincent handles about memories by his grandparents in case of world war two and all the things happened in the German concentration Kamp’s.


His grandmother of his mother’s side went to Ausswich and his grandfather even to Treblinka one day, but in the same train he went back with some of his comrades.


The Germans didn’t even aspect such an action!


In the other parts of the novel 'Mounting Spring,' handles about crime, true mob crime to be solved by the auteur of this novel.


Right now the mob leader is about to be sentenced for a few years, woman trade, child porn, weapons, poisoning and seduction to outlaw are a few facts he committed, his name is Rudolf Diederik H. from Leiden situated in Suid - Holland.


The second novel 'Supremacy,' is about an all American war dream in deep space.


Two secret agents fall in love and get their offspring in the middle of an intergalactic battle.


True love stories.


You can find the books and kindle e readers for a valuable price á approximately 2 dollar at Amazon.com


‘All over this globe.’



Het geschreven oeuvre van Vincent Massée

In deze zelfkritiek behandel ik kort de werken Vivre, Le Fleur Blance Bleue, Myra en het boek Vincent allen in 2018 verschenen in heruitgave bij Amazon.com.


Vivre is een gedichten bundel die het leven en het verscheiden van het leven behandeld.




Non se ne rencontre pas

Dans la vie de semaine

Non ses ne rencontres pas sur


Le haut de matin

Nous se vielle le linge

Ses sachons de maller eus semée


Oui tu tes las les


Oui se va une valve dans

Les quartiers rouges

Les braves de nuton


Les noces des nutons sont mes amis

Et tu es là une suis vaille de mon poche


In het eerste gedicht Rencontre is het nachtleven in Parijs verbeeld dat in een eerste schets vaal is in het kunstmatige licht van de gaslampen van het Quartier Latin.


Le Fleur Blance Bleue schetst de periode van de eerste franse revolutie die verkeerd afloopt voor de toenmalige Franse Monarchie van de Bourbon, welke via de erve van Massée mijn erfdeel is.


Myra schetst in tegenstelling tot de eerdere werken een heel andere erotische werkelijkheid die uit de geest van de schrijver Vincent Massée is ontsproten.


De vrouwen en mannen dansen een wild erotische dans die zijn weerslag vindt binnen de algemene gedachte van de Europese en Amerikaanse seks en porno cultuur. ‘Ik kan wel tegen wat loerende blikken hoor.’ ‘Dan wil ik je nu even klaarmaken voor de grote reis.’ ‘We hebben je adres en telefoonnummer voor het geval je ons mocht vergeten.’

Bea knikt:‘Ga je gang maar met mij.’

Ze laat mij rustig toe in haar vagina en kijkt verlekkerd als ik haar lekkere boezem vastpak.

Het is lekker om haar een stel vrouwe tieten te trekken.

‘Cup dubbel D,’ vraag ik haar terwijl ze zachtjes door haar halfgeopende mond zucht.

‘F, bedoel je, lekkere vent.’

‘Dit had ik eerder moeten weten.’

Mijn opgewonden fallus drong ver door in haar schede.

Bea vertok geen spier in haar gezicht.

Rustig kwam ik klaar in haar satijnen kut.

Sperma loopt langs de binnenzijde van haar blanke linkerdijbeen.

Weer een slavin erbij, de zaken gaan bijzonder goed.

En deze ga ik ook zelf vaker bevruchten.


Passage uit Myra, 2018, Brave New Books en Amazon.com


'Vincent' beschrijft de tegenstelling tussen het rustige en goed georganiseerde Marokko en het corrupte en demoniserende Nederland.


In Nederland is hij als een joodse man niet veilig en vrij in tegenstelling tot Marokko die Vincent Massée tijdens een reis rond 2000 leert kennen.

Hij is daar op uitnodiging van de Koning en spreekt daar met de Prinses.


‘Zoals een Italiaanse stad met talloze torens in silhouet vervreemdend werk en de rivier rond Toledo het droge hete Dal van Smarten kan verbeelden.’


‘Via de taal een symbool, in het voorgestelde geestesbeeld: de ondeelbaarheid van dood en opstanding.’

‘Ben je dan zo religieus Victor, zo mag ik toch wel noemen?’

‘Ik heb je naam gehoord,’ ze kijkt schalks naar mij met glimmende ogen.

‘Nee, dat ben ik niet.’

Euredice komt dicht bij mij staan, ik kan haar ruiken.

Ze fluistert in mijn oor zachtjes helder en vrolijk.

‘Kan ik het levensgeheim van jou ten diepste kennen?’

‘Door je te kennen…van heel dicht bij ….Anders niet.

’ Euredice doet een heel kleine stap naar voren tegen mij aan.

Ze kijkt mij strak aan met haar bruine ogen. ‘

Je krijgt van mij een warme kus.’

‘Dat wil je toch?’

Ze voelt vochtig en zoet.

Mijn hand glijdt naar haar borst, zacht maar toch nog stevig.

Ze is opgewonden en ik voel dat Euredice zachtjes mij opwrijft met haar stevige soepele vingers.

We hebben elkaar dan eindelijk gevonden.

Is het de liefde?

Dat weten we morgenochtend pas.

Als we samen de nacht hebben doorgeven aan de liefde.


Uit het Boekwerk in twee delen 'Vincent', deel 'Euredice.'


Alle werken zijn in het Nederlands geschreven, de gedichten bundel Vivre is in het Frans uitgegeven.


Amazon.com 2018





Vincent Massée, Auteur en Levenskustenaar,

Leiderdorp 01-12-2018

Collage 'Poe.' Vincent Massée 2015

Collage 'Poem.' Vincent Massée 2015

Collage 'canchonaire.' Vincent Massée 2015

Collage 'Trots.' (Proud) Vincent Massée 2016

Collage, 'Meisje.' Vincent Massée 2014

Collage 'Moeders Mooiste.' Vincent Massée 2015

Collagfe 'Madonna.' Vincent Massée 2015

Collage 'Eye Man.' Vincent Massée 2017

Collage 'Siver and Gold.' Vincent Massée 2016

Collage 'WA!' Vincent Massée 2014

Collage 'Sexuality.' Vincent Massée 2014

Collage 'Jeunesse.' Vincent Massée 2013

Collage 'Aphrodite.' Vincent Massée 2015

Collage 'Bell.' Vincent Massée 2015

Collage 'L'Oreal.' Vincent massée 2016

Collage 'Body Flirt.' Vincent massée 2016

Collage 'Het bad.' Vincent Massée, 2015

'Boat Sets Sea,' Photograph by Vincent massée, Katwijk/ Leiderdorp 2012

'Parasols,' Photograph by Vincent massée, Rodos 2009

'Lily,' Soft Pastel on paper, By Vincent Massée, Leiderdorp 2017

'Lily,' Soft Pastel on paper, by Vincent Massée, Leiderdorp 2017

'Flowers,' Oil on Canvas 70x80cm By Vincent Massée, Leiderdorp 2018

'Flowers,' Oil on Canvas 100x100cm, By Vincent Massée, Leiderdorp 2015

'Bunch of Flowers,' Oil on Canvas 70x80cm, by Vincent Massée, Leiderdorp2017

"Willows' " Oil paint on Canvas, 60x70cm by Vincent Massée, Leiderdorp 2009

'Clouthes,' Oil on Canvas 100x100cm by Vincent Massée, Leiderdorp 2011

'schokland,' Photograph by Vincent Massée, Leiderdorp 2010

'Koken,' Photograph by Vincent Massée, Leiden/ Leiderdorp 2011

'Rodos Ile,' Photograph by Vincent Massée, Rodos 2009

'Tower at Greece,' Photograph by Vincent Massée, Rodos 2009

Shopkeepers, Rodos; photograph by Vincent Massée 2009

'Party Animal Leiden,' phothograph by Vincent Massée Leiderdorp 2011

Leiden 2011 CHDR, Photograph Vincent Massée 2011, Leiden/Leiderdorp

Prof. Emiritaat Adam Cohen, director CHDR, speech 2011; Photo Vincent Massée 2011

'Machine,' Photograph Vincent Massée, Leiden 2011

'Violin,' Phothograph Vincent Massée 2011

Angelica and Lysanne, Rodos; photograph by Vincent Massée 2009

'Bridges Leiden,' Photograph Vincent Massee 2017

'winter Tree,' Oil on canvas 120x80cm, by Vincent Massée, Leiderdorp 2008

'Summer Tree,' Oil on Canvas, 120x80cm, by Vincent Massée, Leiderdorp 2008

'Spring Tree,' Oil on Canvas 120x80cm, by Vincent Massée, Leiderdorp 2008

'Red Bride,' Oil on Cotton 150x145cm, by Vincent Massée, Leiderorp 2012

'Wyna, Portret.' Oil on Cotton, 140x50cm by Vincent Massée, Liederdorp 2012

'Red Sky,' Oil on Canvas 120x100cm, by Vincent Massée, Oegstgeest 2005

'Reading Woman,' Oil on Cotton, 30x45cm, by Vincent Massée Kampen 1994

'Atelier with Dorethé,' Oil on Cotton 40x35cm, by Vincent Massée Kampen 1992

'Rust,' ( To Relax) Oil on cotton, 45x50cm, by Vincent Massée, Kampen 1995

'Standing,' Oil on Cotton, 20x30cm, Vincent Massée, study, Kampen 1995

Woman standing in the ray of sun light, oil on cotton, 20x30cm Vincent massée, study; Kampen 1994


'Rain Sky,' Oil on Canvas, 60x80cm by Vincent Massée, Leiderdorp 2013

'Extase,' (Ekstacy) 45x30x26cm Chinees Dooraderd Speksteen, Vincent Massée Oegstgeest, 2004

'After the Bath,' Albast Andes, 40x25x10cm Vincent Massée, Leiderdorp 2008

'Viooltjes,' Oil on canvas, 40x40cm, by Vincent Massée, Kampen 1999

'Cyclamen,' Oil on Canvas, 40x40cm, Vincent Massée, Kampen 1999

Still life with Red Bottle, Oil on Canvas, 20x40cm, Vincent Massée, Kampen 1998

'Red Earth,' Water colour, 62x53cm by Vincent Massée, Oegstgeest 2005

'Landscaping Nude,' Wood kole on white paper, Vincent Massée, Kampen 1993

'Landschap Rood,' (Landscape Red) Oil on triplex 100x100cm, Vincent Massée Kampen 2002

'Model,' O.I.Ink on white paper, 200x70cm, by Vincent Massée, Leiderdorp 2010

'Rode Boom,' (Red Tree) Oil Paint on Canvas, by Vincent Massée, Kampen 1999

Yana, revisited, by Vincent Massée, Leiderdorp 2018

Blue lane and night sky, Oil on canvas, by Vincent Massée; Oegstgeest 2004

'Rode jasje,' (Red Jacet) by Vincent Massée, Kampen 1992

CAP! collage 2017, Leiderdorp by Vincent Massée

Dutch Cows, photograph by Vincent Massée, Leiderdorp 2018

Farm at the river The Zijl, Leiderdorp; photograph by Vincent Massée, Leiderdorp 2018

Barn, Photograph by Vincent Massée, Leiderdorp 2018

Sheep, Photograph by Vincent Massée, Leiderdorp 2018

Pasture land, Photograph Vincent Massée, Leiderdorp 2018

Sky; Photograph Vincent Massée 2018

'Zeebrapad,' Foto beschilderd, by Vincent Massée, Kampen 2002

'Ekstase,' (Ekstacy) Photo with paint, By Vincent Massée, Kampen 2002


Stafanie, Photograph by Vincent Massée, Kampen 2002

Prudery by Simplicity in the landscape of Modern Civilian Society

In the redactor' collumn by the redaction at BK information, numer 7 from year 2018 with the thema "balinching between Sweet and Salt,"( balnceren tussen Zoet en Zout"; is the right word spoken about trhuth in relationships within reality dreams.


How about that?

Well the article is all about the #MeToo-discussion and the goals the prude socity made by exluding nude and Human messurements out the landscape of Art en more without Socity knowide and hounor comramised and lived in civillian life and manhood.


No! Is nudity abandend out the museum' or homes in Eurpo, the US and England'proud nations?

Nonnery souls given no nude body respects, exept by the view brave and honest arits and models who give birth to an new and uplrising monumental movement of the human body.


No scarry pictures are taken or seen in artistic way', yes there is nude, becouse we are all humans and we are proud to show in all majestity at the art for art sake boddy' 

The new Brave Society of Fellow man and Woman in all Human glory'

'Lucie Vránòva,' Phothograph and remoddeling by Vincent Massee, Leiderdorp 2010-2011

'Model on the studio floor in natural state,' Photo: Vincent Massée, Leiderdorp 2011

Bloemen, olieverf op doek, 100 x 100 cm; Vincent Massée 2015

Golven, Olieverf op doek; getekend bij de Kaag; atelier Leiderdorp 2008; Vincent Massée

Molenweide, aquarel nabij Leiderdorp; Vincent Massée, 2008

'Lantaarn,' bewerkt naar Houtsnede (Oegstgeest 2005) Vincent Massée, Leiderdorp 2018

Model, Conté op wit papier; Vincent Massée, Leiderdorp 2010

Lucie Vranova anterior, olieverf op doek, Vincent Massée, Liederdorp 2010

Petra Tamboer;,Ligt naakt op een tafel; O.I. Inkt op wit papier; Vincent Massée, Kampen1993

Portet van Lysanne, Olieverf op doek 20x20cm, 2007; Vincent Massée Leiderdorp

Bruid in het Rood, olieverf op gevieseleerd triplex paneel, 2010; Vincent Massée

Bruid in Geel, olieverf met Ketonhars op doek, Vincent Massée; Kampen 1992

Roomdivider, afer Ooievaars by inspiration style; Hokusai, Japan 19th century

Bloementafel, Olieverf op doek, 2008, Vincent Massée; Leiderdorp

Landschap, olieverf op doek; Vincent Massée 2008 Leiderdorp

Bloemen, aquarel op wit paier; Vincent Massée 2005, Oegstgeest

Poème, author page Amazon


Bomenkap, Cellesbroekdijk, Kampen 1998, Vincent Massée

Landschap V, Olieverf op paneel, 2005, Oegtgeest, Zuid Holland

Music by Douwe Bob, Country and Billy'in the Netherlands and the US

We all know the Dutch contribution by the Common limits at the European Song Festival in 2017.

The second place by a true all American vocal is the leacacy to names like The Crows, Dylan and Lewis.

These examples are names in time at distinction by the common rules in music and the choise to express the lyric in soul of mind.


In the previous year Douwe Bob did an exelent performance in music and dance by an exelent performance on stage.

The music he now performs lingers to county in his purest dignity and true understanding.


Personally I am more on the line off the Missisippi Blues by Muddy Wathers, John Lee Hooker and Jerry lee Oswald Crone.

My exampels never the less make me truely understand the spirit in all American way copare to the leagacy in Dowe Bob'Music and style.


When you listen to his  vocals the street life, the homely burn and faith comes in name.


It is my pleasure to mengan his name together with Ilse Delange who does the same in diffrent ways and with a majesty I long to bare to the US public and beond.


In Japan and China teir music wold be an big sorce to knowlidge and the knowledge in hart by all crowds community'


When I listen to Dowe Bob though the years I hear a young man slowly gave birth to Whisky and Soda, God'majesty and the soul by the far horizons of the free South in America and the American way of life.


Vincent Massée

Song writer


Poème by Vincent Massée

In this article I do want to bring light to my poetry work at Amazone, Kindle store.

When I go to a book store with common paper books, the high prices and the lack by distantion in artist way to heir subject is offious to me.


Like Carpet who's work is right in front at the Ilustirous collection d'siecle dix neuf is a good example to the distancion an true artist can make in his thriving towards imagination et reconnaissé d'oeuvre general.


I'd like to compair to him, to his leacacy and his strong forward opinion in artist way.

For me he is the ultimate example of recognition by Roamntics and the later Impressionist'thriving to explore the common wold in image and soul.


Carpet gives us not just a self portrait or an pipe and an gave, no he prestents truth and loyalty to  his effort to maintain the spectator to imagine and have no distance but rather feel the precense and the goals the artist particulates in his work of honor and majestity glory.


All works presented in the Louvere are in the true soul art, neverless the work of Carpet is art for art sake at his best.

No leacacy in poetry has got such an thriving effort, inpite all means.

Therefore I took the glove in competting him with my soul images.

Not the true distancion but the soulfull distance I vreate between me and my subject.


Alike Heidegger I create an Sein in Zeit und Wharheid.

I do want to create truth in words and framing the worlds frame in strofe and solitud words.

In French I do write else then in English or Dutch.

When I think of Holland then I don't see windmeals or waterworks.

No I'd love to see my herritage.

The Jiddich way of talking, framing and the illustirous end of an fabric by words and thoughts.


In France there is Baudelaire, who is an true frame of imagination, together with Manet who gave birth to an whole other way of looking and feeling.

In his Dèjeunér sur L'Herbe trois fugures and une spectaore d'femme est les çonairtre d'amour et sage les esprit.


Les esprit ne ranversé plus dans les histoires de mondes du France.


In my French poetry I try like an French Jew state my esprit and my forward thriving to think (sage) to explore right in front at the eyes at the spectator, man or wife.

Father or Mother, Cild or Addult.


Poetry is man made and God given, it's the song d'universe.


An true legacy I represent à ma livere d' Poète: Vivre



Vincent Massée

Artist des beaux art

Sky, Potograph by Vincent Massée

Zeemanslied, The sea loard'song, Vincent Massée, 2018

O mijn liefde is gevangen

tussen zon en tussen maan

kan de liefde mij nog vangen

nu jij van mij bent heen gegaan


Nee mijn leven gaat nu over

golven van de oceaan

rol in woeste stomen door

de grote Atlantische Oceaan


O mijn liefde is gevangen

en neemt mijn dromen met je mee

ja ik wil graag met je dromen

neem mijn liefde met je mee


Kom ik weer en gooi mijn anker

in je tuin mijn lieve schat

toe wees dan wel gelukkig

en kus mij met je hart


O mijn liefde was gevangen

maar is nu toch wel weer vrij

heb een ander meisje gevonden

met haar ben ik nu weer blij


In verre havens landen

scheepslui bij de vleet

ja mijn meisje zat in de haven

met een mand vol liefdesleed


Kon haar toen gelukkig troosten

in een warme lichte nacht

Onder wallekant mijn scheepshart

Is als een boom geplant

Binnen mijn trouw ontscheepte liefdeshart.

L'Arte dans le architectuur dans la monde de Proffesseur E.E.Content, Painteur

L'Artes Modernité du Eli Elias Content, un auverture au d'Artiste

Au cette ages ce peinse plus au ma amouré des jeunes villes çe mon viverité c'est lá.

Mon Proffeseur de Ecole de L'Arte Beaux au la petite Ville Kampen (Overijssel, Pays Bas) est un reconnesante plus importante de ma oeuvre d'artiste personal.


Les autres sont le Proffeseur d'Philosopie Onno Zijlstra et les Proffeseurs Kalingfrex et le sculturer Jan Dix.


Personages makantes où sont playage un viverité au ça ceour et mon avirage de arte special.

Je estudian Graphique, d'Lithograpie, Monumentale d'arte à Ruud Petersen et peintre avec les proffeseurs Content et Jan Zwaan, un rumouré et chanteur de humoristique.


Sa personal interesse je fabrique plus des modelles dans le Académie D'Beaux Art et dans mon Atelier au Apartement d'habite.


Le contact avec ma modelles sa un leuré special, oui je vivré au le moment te parler avec ma model aux art et le vité des poses dans le atelier de moi.


Eli content fabrique dans les ans seisante dix ses grides de New York au ça Canvas.

Le spectator plus grande demande un art purité au le lemps inhumane d'beau art dans Hollande.


Non, les artes sont mois à cuïcia d'vileurs de la rue.

Ans pas vite comme ministre president Van Aght repremande:"Il y a plus de artististes dans nos pais beau, ils va au ravaillez et marche á nos civilisation normal."

Le remarçe des liberales de CDA, un organisation Christiane.


Eli Content sont un Jewe autre comme les monde des Christianité.

Autre solutité au canvas, prompte et avec les çonnoisez des estudité d'object.

Content et une moderne artist.

Les objectivitez sont un prohabité absolute.


Mon préocupation est un lessaiçaise comme ça avec je importé la amour dans ma oeuvre.

La modele est la amour, donc le peinture est un object amorité de moi et autre cerrere de nous.


eBook at Vincent Massée by the Kindle Store to Amazone Free Pulishing

The 21th century brings us freedom and a new brand in art.

Not just art for art sake, becouse that remain in me too, no more a kind of engagement against the common more futile in behavioure and culture.


I don't look just in my own back Yeard, no my stage is the wold and internet and photography' are the ultimate unity and bounds to make my word go lingering though CNN and Al Yazira.


I am an artist in word and speach, my soul is black for any Afro American, Yelow Becouse I see a Common goal in solitude justidge in the far past of the Americas, North and South.


My spitit is eighter white, so you can read in my sience fiction novel Supramacy, a All American srory in the wold of an common best with all native English spoken worlds.


The Dutch mob Comes Even in Speach, but only by noticing that in the 21th century they are with the Holland'economy and politic.


Like my reader' I live in the 21th century and am born in the 20th ( Vincent Massée Haarlem 1966, North Holland.)


Would you step out of the light of a shy ET and go into a new wold of stars and make love to a beautiful Ukraine woman in the novel on eBook supported by the Amazone Kindle Store?


Just go and pay that dollar, read and enjoy wonderfull images, art and modern sience by the thinker, sience equipter, writer and poetry by Vincent Massée.


I thank you and may God bless you.


Vincent Massée



Vivre, Poems d'France                              

Victor Emanuel


Vademecum Vincent Relativiteit

Lyric of Sint Nicolas, Mama of Europe

Sinter Mama!



Sinter Mama!


Sinter Papa!


Lieve Papa, kom en Kijk!

Kom toch kijken wat ik vid in mijn schoen

Van onze Sint!


In mijn mooie nieuwe schoentje

Een hele fijne vriend

Gemaakt van zuiver snoepgoed

Uit verse planten, Oh! Wat fijn!


Ik zie ook een mooi roze balspel

En Oranje Marsepein, meters hoog

Het komt ver uit boven mijn hoofdje

Oh!Mijn Papa, wat ben je groot!


Nu til je mij op je paard.

Rijdt naar Spanje ik mag mee!

Speel met Pieterbazen onder Palmbomen

Zwem in golven met ons Marilène


Mijn kleine lieve vriendinnetje

Wij zijn BFF, ja ons zijn hartsvriendin!

Oh, mijn grote Papa

Breng mij terug naar Mama, alsjeblieft.


Vanavond is er appeltaart met slagroom

Voor jouw verjaardag

Op 5 December, voor uw lieve schone hart,

Oh, onze grote lieve Oude Sint.


St. Nicolas Poem, 5 december



Sinterklaas vers/ St. Nicolas Lyric, Dutch




O, mijn lieve Pietje

Voor het Sinterklaasfeest

van mij als kind

Wil ik een heel mooi popje


Een popje dat danst en zingt

Nee, het is geen heel groot popje

Het is juist klein van stuk

Danst op ons fornuisje

van blij en zinnelijk geluk


Dan komt er een heel klein muisje

bakt met mijn lieve popje klein

mooie fijne glanzende koekjes

die heel onhandig steeds zwarter zijn

Ze lijken op jouw mooie gezichtje


Maar jij bent sterk en mooi

Je lijkt wel een Moor

Uit Spanje heel erg schoon

Ja, mijn Sinterklaasje

Jullie komen uit een heel ver land


Daarom krijg ik pepernootjes

in mijn fijne hand

Samen met mijn lieve popje

Eet ik deze heel erg snel op

Voordat mijn mooie vriendje

Ze laat vallen en dan is het op.


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Dit is een alinea. Klik hier om eigen tekst toe te voegen en te bewerken. Hier kun je jouw bezoekers je verhaal en bijzonderheden over jezelf vertellen.