Why is the European sugar beet cheaper and more convenient to use?

Why is the European sugar beet cheaper and more convenient to use in: Cosmetics Hair lacquers Fuel supply Medicine carriers The sugar beet from Groningen, Overijssel, Drenthe and Flanders is the only cheap and sustainable replacement for Palm oil in the short and long term.


One gram of palm oil costs 1 cent while a 0.005 cents five grams beet oil costs.

The efficiency of a gram of oil from palm is in aviation and motor oil 1 nano atmosphere, while in nano atmosphere for beet oil 100 times higher.


The calculation of a toxi-nade refining is equal to the crunch of sugar by means of Thermo plastic.

The linear discrimination is in Algebra: 1NS = 666.0 x 3.90 (oil from beet) x 6 (units from water mixed with sugar delf grizzled) and FRH. 09a 666.0 x 3.90 x 1 + = 1 million kw/H For a further explanation, I would refer you to the documents about Gamma and nanotechnology on this scientific and cultural site or review for free advice or further technical effect.


You can next generations the rainforest and the Flemish and Dutch support European agriculture.



Vincent Massée Nano Tetra Micro Technologist.

Vademecum Vincent Economie Magnicicat

In the ground work Vademecum Vincent Economie Magnificat is the Modern knowledge of Humansociety equipt till one novel in free pubisher outcome, Amazon medio 2019 December.


The work contantians my field work at life duration till 1000.000.000 year'and the diseases MRID and ALS, And other mind faculty's like alzheimer and minimal brain damigdge, also cancer in all forms; in solution and nano technological field play to maintain physical problems like eye blindnesses, brain damage by disorder in accident'and Autism in all shape and form.


Unlike any other sience novel the work will contain several immages, calculations and algebra to make the work understandeble for the common man, unlike any other sience novel thus far ever did.


The work will also contain: aviation without fuel or electricity, power plants in Quanta Force and Space aviation and the green making of Mars and the Moon in possiblity, numers and forms.

The breething of life stock, the manipulation of plants and animals, the oceans and Ice form and reduction of Kliame chance.


The work will also contain modern weaponry like missiles on mag 1.000 licht fellocity and the outcome to inverstigation to structure and shepe of these missiles, loads and toxics in all kind, structure and prices to the common market by production.

Also buildingplans will be equiped to the novel of all weapons: Fighters, tanks, machine guns, nono leasers and of corse mines in space and on earth in different shape, shell and making of all weaponry by common men in common places'.


Thus far we missed the economy, well I include: virtual economy in all shape and possibility' I include the new standerd in human trade of labour and the right of modern lanour society'

The economy is the base under all captures in the book and I give names and figures to all componetns in my work of beauty and human capebillity'


Vincent Massée

Artist, investigator and futionairy

Leiderdorp 2018

About the new work in sience

Vademecum Vincent Economie Magnificat, upcoming 2019: Amazone, Vincent Massee

Wat te doen in het luchtledige van de kennis binnen een stenen wereld

Vandaag vraag ik mij af wat nu te doen.

Deze morgen heb ik naarstig gespeurd naar de verwachte antwoord reactie van de geachte vooraanstaande en als intelligent aangemerkte Randboud Universiteit.

Nog niet eens een antword memorandum van mijn gestuurde stuk aangaande elementaire Nano techniek ten aanzien van de religie en waarde van de mens als soort en grootheid.


Ik lever in het stuk kant en klaar de agebrïsche formulering om een aantal problemen aan de kaak te stellen:

1. Oogblindheid oplossen

2. Kanker oplossen 

3. levenseinde vraagsukken oplossen

4. dementie vraagstukken oplossen

5. elementair vraagstelling rond nano boterie oplossen.

6. algemene toepasssing techniek in kwanta oplossen


Er staan nog een aantal andere oplossingen in de pagina's maar daar heeft geen enkele Universiteit belangstelling in.

Neen, ik moet zien hoe er wordt gehuild met de Wolven in he Bos.

De volgende KWF collecte of Rode Kruis collecte sla ik maar over, zij hebben ook geen subsidie.

Als ik subsidie had gehad dan zag de wereld er heel wat fraaier uit.

Zoals ik in 1989 in Egypte als 22 jarige al heb gezegd: " U maakt aan al uw dromen zelf een einde, ik ben niet degene die niet heeft gedroomd."


Toen legde de Arabische man zijn vuurapen neer en zei tegen mij: "Je kunt er toch nooit over spreken, de christenen hebben samen met ons altijd gelijk."


U zult gewoon aan Kanker en de Tyfus blijven sterven en de wederopstanding en het eeuwige leven niet verkrijgen.


Uw ongeloof en uw negentiende eeuwse methoden zullen de mensheid tot de ondergang dwingen binnen 200 jaar van nu.



Vincent Massée

Toekomst visioniar en wetenschapper.


What to do in windless, sunny and unclouthy wintery days'

Today it is a lovely day.

No one can be in my lonely room exept me, nobody to interfear my thriving to get my thesis about Quantum Solar Physic' in gamma Tetra sphere in my computer.


Yesterday I put my thesis about the resrore to human messurements boddylike in their virtual mailbox.

Do they understand this.

I did send it to the state University in Russia, without reaction, I did send my Nano second thesis to Tell Avive, no reaction, I did send my work to Delft, Technical University non to say.


There are likely no sollid minds in the universe of men anymore.


Today I wondered what to do...

I can be bussy to Nano Solar thesis in Apha Betha Radiation Delta.

I could write a novel.

Or I can finally learn my Russian and Italian.

I guess I will do the book today, writing keeps me awake.

The GGZ did put enough in my boddy to teame a horse.

I got a lot of toxides but now The Fiod is behind Ruud Hoekstra, the  taxes can do what the corrupt normal police can not do.


The Dutch police is highly strangled with the GGZ and can not start a murder investigation without the liking of the psychiaters'staff's.

I got one in my room lately and of corse I did not tell her about my plans.

I am not worried that the GGZ reads my blog, The NAZI's in second world war never did read too.

If they did, they would still be oplenly on the street.

Now The Concentration Lager sind Im Psychiatrikal Stelle, Und Dass Ist Sher Shön und Wunderbar.

I brought thanks to my father P.J.Massée and his assiociate Ruud Hoekstra more time in Nazi Lager though than outside prisson.

Intoxinated with several type psychological drugg to cover their mudering past.


I wonder who my father did kill.

Ruud did kill 18 people in that time, and now more than 50.

He put more than 1000 woman and little girls at the age of 2 to prostitution.

The Dutch police just keep quite in order to get paid for help and the coöperation seeking with the GGZ to kept quite any uprising voice.

When you try to say anything about the true organised crime, the GGZ and the police force you in deep isolation, the propperty, body and brain will taken from you for ever without judge or law.


Im Holland Gisebard und Eichmann Projections sind Witklichkeit Gewurden.

Should murderers and NAZI campsureillers be hunted for ever?

I give my strong opinion on my own life, story's I have heard and did have seen.

Yes I do have a good and graduent life in stock for the comming years to be.

That is not always what is was my hering audiance.



I got my share too in killing and to be kilded.

I was told I killed sveral peaople and the Dutch social sector the spychiatrists and the Dutch law investers believed the strong camp where also my father took place.

The camp of my ataccers was so strong that they mutlusted me several times, my testicles, eyes, heart, lungs, and brain is dameged by toxine (Methanoxitolol and hematoxitolol and medodixatonataxitol, all toxines who are very expensive and not easy to get.

One bottel of 300 CC hematoxoline is around the 12.000 euro minimal.

Rudolf Diederik Hoekstra and P.J.Massée my father are toghther with the GGZ and Dutch police the driving force behind the modern concentration camp where i am right now are into.

Just a wile ago my medicine where higned just because I comlained about it and asked for stolen propperty by the GGZ (social sector of the city Hall Leiden)


Well my grandmother told me the same by Ausswich, there they got von Mengele he gave my granmother a drink yellow and stinking, it was a type  of betadixadine, the forthbringer off Fluanxoll I now get, it makes you slowly go dead.


Teir teeth where pulled out in the first week (without any help) and they got only hard bread afterwards.

My grandfather is brought too Sobibor and to be brought to Teblinka with some others.

Before that happend my grandfather and 550 Jews fought themself'out with the machineguns off NAZI guards.

A few af them are still honered on the ground they fought on.


Most escaped and killed 15000 NAZI soldiers afterwards.


Only it is not to be told in Holland, here people in power where mad, they lost their Reich and now are people like my Father and Rudolf Diederik Hoekstra and a lot helpers in Holland bussy to restore the REICH, the ultimate goal for little people in power.


Let me be on the good side.


Holland is lost to civilisation I guess.

That is my experiance since I saw a murder when I was 5 years old, my parents did cover the killing and many more.

Only Rudolf killed 50 people and humilliated much more.


It is almost time for a kistall nacht by the dutch police, who else?


Vincent Massée-Schulz, gandson Ausswich surviver and Sobibor Surviver and 60 attacts on his own life.

Prudery by Simplicity in the landscape of Modern Civilian Society

In the redactor' collumn by the redaction at BK information, numer 7 from year 2018 with the thema "balinching between Sweet and Salt,"( balnceren tussen Zoet en Zout"; is the right word spoken about trhuth in relationships within reality dreams.


How about that?

Well the article is all about the #MeToo-discussion and the goals the prude socity made by exluding nude and Human messurements out the landscape of Art en more without Socity knowide and hounor comramised and lived in civillian life and manhood.


No! Is nudity abandend out the museum' or homes in Eurpo, the US and England'proud nations?

Nonnery souls given no nude body respects, exept by the view brave and honest arits and models who give birth to an new and uplrising monumental movement of the human body.


No scarry pictures are taken or seen in artistic way', yes there is nude, becouse we are all humans and we are proud to show in all majestity at the art for art sake boddy' 

The new Brave Society of Fellow man and Woman in all Human glory'

Bruid van Europa, Rood van Kleur, Rood van de Liefde, D'Amour

Contemporary WebArt 2018 Milano, della d'Ítalia Moderne

An New era has broken, to the stages in times by mordern art kritic and participation.

Unlucky I needed to break off the paritcipat by the upcoming show.


So does Trump that in a broader sence and way, and he doesn't deserve that, or does he do it all by himself?

I know that he ackts in his own country towards the common normal, unless they are right on his wing.


Unlike Europe where party politic can be as deadly like a self bought gun.

No one in Europe can disingage himself from the show without telling so openly, so I did today.

It should be my big break trough like the breaksit of England, the border with North Ireland is secure in the new plans and prosper will go on.


Israel got to move on the other side at the mediterrain too, the rebel Palesin people can be good civilians unless they are understood in their effort to maintain culture and identity within Israel border.

The Gaza strip can be green again just like the West bank territory.

War and conflict make the soldiers unwillily break down olive trees of Palestine people, and the last ones don't deserve a badstate controll they dindn't recognize just bacouse it is not likewsie.


Jeruzalem can be the mighty big central cultural base again, unless when US party politic don't help Nethanaynu with his worng back stbbern politic like Trump'adminsitration now and then.


For insance, the CNN conflict is not wothy an true representative to the people.

The White house don't belong to a party, or a person, it belongs to the American Uninion of states, the common people of the whole US ground of state in all their right to speak freely to the president in his quarters, the Wite House.


I Europe is an big art manifestation in Italy, the parting state of Europe, Italy choose an other strategy.

Just like Portugal once did at the begin to the crisis in the 80hy's.

Let's see, small things do strat big.


Just like the US or IRSAL Big Apples, Jeruzalem and New York.


"An new state of mind."

present works and the further development at ground leavel state in medical treatment'

Recently I got news from a Dutch blind girl and I got the grip to know how fond she is to only hear what is on You, well so I thougt let's give this girl her sight back in full colour and imagination of mine while exploring her outher wrld with her own eyes by Nano Technology efforts.


Thus far no problems in the sky, only How do I create Nano Borts for the eye sphere (Eye fluid') and how do I connect the Nano bots created by FRH.a-9= To the eye content and brain(s)

Thus far I only got my first Algebra to compere at the Nono probe build.

This is in three days ready, but not to mengan yet, I need the whole package for the girl at 14 years old.

So I make my Cuisuinne Manuell in French at firt and then the Fantasy Novel Lost countries, both for Amazon my publisher.

i need the money and so I just have got to wait until next year to solve this problem with the fragile eye.

When I get this one, then I can make my radiation equipment in framing to produce the first cancer unit and radiation beamer in Nano Radiation.


Thus far this year in large.


Just a few poems for the fun and less the work on my two novels for Amazon at Vincent Massée. 

Nano Sphere, calculation and detemination/ crowt and sorce of speed and veloccity

The Nano spheres, or what can we do with sience?

Letter to a  new love in Russia: Valentina!


Hello valentina, beside I do write love letters to you, do some blog work, twitter and poetry, I love to work in the rerrein of maths.

I like algebra since I was young (10 years old) on my 12th I made my first earoplane in algebra. today I made a real break though in sienentific way!!!


I calculated the Nano sperhere! it is, thus 8,12345678.0 smaller than a neuron and 8 quanta trillion swifter than light.


I give you some paper work with it, we can talk often about this, i just didn't stop thinking about this Valentina!))

Yes, now the way is open to:1 medical cancer treatment (radiation healing no radio waves) and 2 technical eforts like fuelless flight of engines turbo jet, on earth and space. There is so much possible love.

Just think about it.

Can you read my cluclation lines?


I do hope so, or else you can see what is on my mind when I am heaving an idea and am realexed in my room.

I love you.

Good morning, Vincent Massée



Nano second and the following altitude the Nano Spheres are the deep down sought elemnts in my theory'

When I already calculated the Quantum solar energie reactor, my theory lack only the radiation part in theory conclusion.


It is to be proven by laboratorium tests in mililmum cells at Algues in the North sea in summer, Blue Algue toxides give their working and colour to the force in the nano elements and the growth of bacteria live and the forming of cancer calls is an aoutbreak in Nano Spheres Elements, you can see that in the crouw and forming of similar cells without propper DNA but RNA(NsFTH3)


These efforts are not to be taken by me.

I can oly pin point these difficulties, for further investigation and solution in compaire to new non toxic radiation techniques in compare to all kind of cell diseases, like: Cancer, ALS, MS, HTP, MYSA, NNSW and psychological efforts in mental toxsick spheres.


In the near future in about 2 years all these goups will be treatend by normal light Quanta radiation by Gamma Sphere radiaton tunnels alike the normal upgoing electric magnetic radiation tube.


I describe here the latest effort in sience.


Now I communicate about it in a low scale.



Nano second (Ns.)


Time which light particle radiation enclose before a mono particle fracture radiates out of a glazing mirror in the bright sun.


A particle floats out of the solar hemisphere and gives his energy to mass and ferocity in a Nanosecond.


A Nanosecond is the lightest and most giving part of martial existence and molecular biochemical life.


It is seen in the green masses of the deep ocean and on waves in the fluorescing tide of the ocean.


Calculating -0,1N mi sec 5 -1.000 3 1 (-1√5N)/(q.8)



1( Ns. Fr.H) = 31582 (q)= )100q.=(1)(-8)


Nm. (-y.02) ÷ qα.(.1.0) x (-) rα(0.0.2√ q.8,1 = Ns -78989434.0,8≈α^2 ≠ FRH〖.α〗a9 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

1Ns.FRH. = minus 8999,0≈α Frh.


De nano spheren zijn belangrijk voor het bewerken van nano geleide motoren en medische toepassingen op algebraïsch terrein ter installatie van het onderzoek programma in kwadratisch niveau.


FRH〖.α〗^9 8999,0 = FRH.8.888 lumia


Little Poème aux très petit hommes du Statues Libéral

My people let me tell you about Maçron

Here is where it all did begun

Our ministre regarde au çe quions aux rues plus fort

Ouí verte fort I eqrie, ses travailez sont dangereux

Ils vervrons plus longes

plus tarde n'est pas`la

Oui, Fançais est un monde avec Fance n'est pas là!


Et le President du US vote au cet Ille

Au Californie Le gande Trumpy est un figure de jaqueur

Oui, il est anty Democrtique et Republician n'est pas

Un Republician vote vorte votez un autre temps au la cet moment

Mon coeur brissé au les spectacles des Maçron et Trumpy

Russia et Merkel son un autre sage pullé au ma

Une Tete bouillee au deande sans Mc Donnalds au barrière Iron

Europe demande les Krims

et Putin demande les Gasses et les petrol au Union payage á Russia çe soir


Oui je peinse plus et regarde aux mirrages d'ordinateur

Non, je regarde et peinse au ville beau dans Russia pas suit

Vallentina le nom et beaux

et ma ville a une coeur Putin, Maçron, Trump et Rutte ne va.

Oui, je pensé et escribe au mon amour

c'est un activité plus bon

ne mieux pas au les gents les monde Royal d'presidents et ministres d'union Europeane.


Vincent Massée


Crossefique L'Europe par les sages des Palement Liberales'

Thoughts in wondering capured minds

O, lord give me a challop chell with faith,

A bottle of wine to walk upon

But more than that my lord

give me freedom in mind

so I can wonder you on, to sole silent streams


The Jordan I will cross

Not by the wooden crosses the Nazi's give

wihin society beyond,

out wondering mind my lord, oh you are so divine

to any one on this earth my loard'


Oh my dear Christly minds

It bares the truth off the offring in poinson and pain

the iron cells of solutitud I beared with hunger and pain

Broaken back and dirt to eat, my urine to drink no red wine then,

my hungry bload to feed

The psychiaters mind so lustfull and grown in Ausswich way,'


yes I linger in Sobibor all time I feel the needless needle of Fupaxoline

And Depacine and more to gain.

The time off the USSR was very nice my loard

I give them my honor, Stalin killed only honderd million


The GGZ kills 3000 each year and much more die earlier then,

50 years becouse of poisoning their loanly mind'

Yes I thank God I am in the free West and have the

Nazi's Lillianne Pardoel and Peter van Velzen in their right


Now they can speak freely in cort, they are always right,

A patient is without right'

Without a voice oh my lord,


without You in spite.



Vincent Massée


gandson of Sobibor and Ausswich survivers and victims of State after the second wold  war in the Netherlands, here the Nazi's did win by 'Orange' and the Christian party'

The thriving for the good in this wold by European and Isrealian civilions, in compare to outher common new immigrants or soul uphand rebel inhabitants

Tonight in the Gaza Strip, the departed piece of my Israel the government of Gaza failed to kill more than one Isrealian brave soldier.

Jawhe knows the names of all fell by enimy bullits, bombs or knives at and by Arabic or better so to say Palestinian uphold untrue fals fact of human law.


There is no law in taking the knife against a little boy and kill him on the beach of:"Tell Avive," the former capital of Little Israel, no in the new Israel with an common speach by the Isrealian Kiddisch language; 'yoi' is the joy in understanding all in the new majestity too an great Israel and the birth off new states: "The state of Israel with "Jeruzalem" like  the surrounding planes to the old big apple.

The only capital in the Arabian world to be in the Jewish state of mind within all man of kind in the whole common world."


Why do I do say this in a piece about Europe?

Let me be brief and short, France lost his capital to the Arabian wave, the Islamisation is under Rutte in the first place an true fact.


I am with my Nigerian and three other caucaissian socity members a minority against the help, the enthousiasm and the studding seksy beauty in Arabian days and night I do have to bare.


Oh, Lonely me, only my neighbour Mayma to make love too!


No matter my neighbour is maried to her husband and  does have childeren, I am just an unkosjer Kaddich Jew, And I do behave in this way towards them, or rather to be in front of him.


When I smoke the Kuddai with them, Mayma presents me the moth piece without cleaning, and I smoke like it too while or eyes penetrate.

Oh her beautiful Arabian eyes.


Let them all do come, the colious man with their social and horney wifes.

Even without seks there is an bedroom to win.


Just looking into the future when I will be totlally surroudned by Arabians and my Jiddisch is welcome to understand their language.


That makes me better than the common white in Europe and Holland, exept the Slavian part.

They are more seksy than Arabian nights or French flowers, the Savian Pricesses rule my heart in the deep sea by my lingering mind'


Yes, where is love more to find then just in my own social multicutural backyard, with all involved, but no Dutch is to be spoken, only Jiddisch in the future, then I will have my tribeback, the lost tribe of Jawheh.



Vincent Massée- Schulz

Jewish thinker, Artist and hmanist


Bloemen, olieverf op doek, 100 x 100 cm; Vincent Massée 2015

Overdenkingen voor een laatste toekomende nacht, vincent Massée 2018

Overdenkingen binnen een veelzijdig oeuvre,


Gedurende de jaren heb ik als denker en kunstenaar een veelzijdig oeuvre opgebouwd. Daarbij heb ik veel bijzondere mensen leren kennen, die mij bij zijn gebleven als in levende lijve zijn onderen anderen: Herman Harder, museum directeur Frans Walkate archief, Francis van den Burgh, Goede vriendin en model en Lucie Vranova, model en zeer aantrekkelijke vrouw.


In het veelzijdige artistieke en intellectuele werk dat ik doe speelt wetenschap een steeds belangrijkere rol, zeker nu de bijstand mij het schilderen en zeker het beeldhouwen onmogelijk maakt.


Soms krijg ik een doekje en dan kan ik een klein werkje maken. Niet meer de productie van 50 werken per maand, die ik wel kon halen terwijl ik nog werk had dat betaalde. Neen, in de kunst valt geen droog brood te verdienen zonder kruiwagen met invloed en (subsidie) geld.


Soms heb ik blijkbaar een goede inval en dan schrijf ik wat algebra uit het blote hoofd op het papier, toch ben ik niet van plan om het tijdelijke voor het eeuwige te verruilen gelijk mijn evenknie Leonardo Da Vici die veel zaken voorzag en deze op vellen duur papier uittekende.


Leonardo kreeg er slechts hoon voor in zijn tijd en een schouderklopje van de Franse Koning na zijn dood.


Nee, ik ga dan maar arm heen en laat slechts een paar oude schoenen achter.


Geen medicijnen tegen kanker, geen voortdurende levensspannen voor alle mensen, neen ook geen Kwantum energie in Helio mare of ruimte fysica modern.


Als ik geen stuiver krijg voor de dingen die ik kan bedenken en kan bewijzen, dan krijgt niemand iets.


“Rien ne va plus.”


Vincent Massée,

Humanistisch Joods denker en Vrij Kunstenaar

De 'Muze' van de Kunstenaar en de 'Slet' van de Wetenschap

Why Europe Fails like individual and by common interest'

I live for 52 year' in Europe, first in the Iron and Cole Union and later in the United States Of Europe like I love to call the Union not proudly.

This failing marked looks with knowledge and common goals only to outher intelligence and outher markets.


The Asian marked is the growing marked in the common world of financial markets.

only there is a 'Why'in it: "This is only possible by the neckleactance off the own kapal and money investments whitin own funds and technology.


There are examples to be made, once I met a stunning beautiful and very smart Chinese student, first year, just arrive from the train in Leiden city.

I talked with her and made some rightfull contact and gave her an introduction to society.

In this view minutes an new world at gaining technology and tecnique was clear to me.


Well I am not an nepotomist in a negative way, so I gave her some maths information to help her on her way.


Company's never the less and whole institutions do spread their valualble information right there where Chinese and Russian markets do want them to be, in the pocket'


When I give some NANO technology on the net, then is there 5gigabite more in stock in my mind and computer.


I don't trust someone else that much like Rutte, Merkel, or Maçron.


I love Ci pin more and Andreiy Saraccoff the Russian counselar of internal affairs.


Yes I do love and like polititc's, not more the less I just love to watch my plane back.



Vincent Massée



Humanist and Jewish thinker.

Pays Bas

True Politic is about Ideas to the society Moderne, by Vincent Massée; critique

Let me tell you something about history, in the second wold war only the German Emperer  was in favore to war.

He didn't believe that the mighty Habsburg Empire and the Ussian Alies in Turky could lose the war against, France and Russia.

No one to believe that the war became an true world war, inspite at their effort in Africa and at the Krim, who got Russia proudly and without much losses back, only three man where shot in this short war by five days.

The first wold war last form 1914 till 1918 and costed ahrond the peolpe wold wide their lives, only at Russia alone died more then 21.000.000 soldiers and 445.000.000 civilians.


The Russian President Putin Vladimir Emanuel Antony has got all the right to speak openly.

I sencirely do hope that cyber speace and virtual environment and roboto electornic hyper intelligence in Europe and the US got their interest.


It is hard to think in Nano spheres when computering and informationnetworks so far like money transfer and the contact world wide for now and in the far futere is involved.


I love this project and do hope that it is not alike the beautiful Face de Belle Vilieuse du ma France, a lack in interest by common gronds.


I sencirely do hope so, it's 5 to twelve past the other day.


"I never forget a day, but sure I'd llike to forget this one."

Vincent Massée

Critique Europeane


The strangle in US and Russia domestic ways, Europe comes greenly out at the twisted roots by Amazon and kindle eBOOK.


Poetry, sience, SF and lterature in Dutch, French and English


Author Vincent Massée

Pays Bas

Quanta enerie d'Sol gamma spherea inclosetteationique rectoreai solare Ga.08,1.9,0a=

About Mathematical principes d'forme legilation d'idee au de moi Vincent Massée Conte et dieu d'amour d'France; Sientifitist

Vivre les çonaise sientive á les mots: Souré d'Luminé des arbes de sol, Exstentitation de vivre et curee sientivique d'Cancer et Hematomes plus au spectre Humaine, Quantum Jums d'spacial Hyppèré

Golven, Olieverf op doek; getekend bij de Kaag; atelier Leiderdorp 2008; Vincent Massée

Molenweide, aquarel nabij Leiderdorp; Vincent Massée, 2008

Model, Conté op wit papier; Vincent Massée, Leiderdorp 2010

Lucie Vranova anterior, olieverf op doek, Vincent Massée, Liederdorp 2010

Petra Tamboer;,Ligt naakt op een tafel; O.I. Inkt op wit papier; Vincent Massée, Kampen1993

Foto Emilie, Kampen 2005; grote atelier, foto Vincent Massée met analoge Pentax camera

Portet van Lysanne, Olieverf op doek 20x20cm, 2007; Vincent Massée Leiderdorp

Bruid in het Rood, olieverf op gevieseleerd triplex paneel, 2010; Vincent Massée

Bruid in Geel, olieverf met Ketonhars op doek, Vincent Massée; Kampen 1992

Landschap, olieverf op doek; Vincent Massée 2008 Leiderdorp

Bloemen, aquarel op wit paier; Vincent Massée 2005, Oegstgeest

Bloementafel, Olieverf op doek, 2008, Vincent Massée; Leiderdorp

Bomenkap, Cellesbroekdijk, Kampen 1998, Vincent Massée

Roomdivider, Kamanai periode Japan, Hokaisai de Oude, Korea; Shogun Kai Period.

Poème, author page Amazon

Landschap V, Olieverf op paneel, 2005, Oegtgeest, Zuid Holland

Thoughts by lingering to Nano technology and their commends to modern sience.

"What makes our modern wold so differnt and so much more appealing?" Steve Caplan, the post modern man, 1969 USA Exhibition The Armoury Show, New York state Murchandhouse II


In our modern time it is much more appeling to think in possiblitities, then exclude the impasseble right away.

Yes, we can have a sharp reazerblad by an non particle (HIGGS, 2000-2015 investigation time) and yes we can have a Positronic Brain (Isaac Asimov 1932, New Yourk Pulisher, State Island CO.) and Yes we can make from NANO parts, non existed at all, (1 Ns = 0,666.666.666,0.a)


We can make our wold more thriving and cleaner, more prosper with the new goals in modern sience and education at technical institutions.

I am a thinker.

I am a self made man, and no, just alike Einstein or Orwell and Borrow or Da Vinci I work for nothing.

I am a kind of social worker in sience and I never let go to make our modern wold more thriving, more educational and most of all free in the American way of speach and thougt.


I lean my ear not to withstanders seeking for quick money, there is a way to do that better, no I go to the field of honor where planes are without fuels and modern spece aviation is a true fact.


I don't put my calculations so openly, but outerwise you can see the view of them in my SF novel Suremacy, free to all for an few dollar at the Amazone store (Vincent Massée 2018, American English edition)

There is also a little spot to Gamma energy, an perpetuüm mobile in radio solar active sphere in and closed environment.


1Ns= 0,3.33,9=aq.8


No there is more under the water then oil, toxine in agriculture and gallons of petrol in an expensive motorcar.

I believe more in Tesla, with Nano technology they can procuce better equiptment to make batteries, also for army vehicles who can maintian to 100 year with one load and  less than mile a year.


That is enough to drive a few miles along the wold.

Yes Tesla got the future.

the same technology can also be installed in thermo engines which can thrust hot air or waterdioxide nebula in the watery air or dry space.


In dry dessest environments can man make green habitats to uplift the oxid leavel to normal ground, that means so to say a lower ground sphere and a reduce in oxigen outbreak by industry in all secsions and agriculture.


There is no need to eat less meat or drink less milk.

We are omnivores and got to live that way.

Eating plants alone gives an nature superession by 56731000kwanta KG, or 1.000.0000.000.000.8Spere lack of water in 200010


That means the extinction of man kind gradually over 100 year and the last weaked in the rest of all thes years in spite of technology or human back stabing effort.


The climate chanche will turn backward in 5000.000.00045 year from now.

We are thriving towards new and more cultural diverse and so much more common appealing worlds.


Vincent Massée






Music by Douwe Bob, Country and Billy'in the Netherlands and the US

We all know the Dutch contribution by the Common limits at the European Song Festival in 2017.

The second place by a true all American vocal is the leacacy to names like The Crows, Dylan and Lewis.

These examples are names in time at distinction by the common rules in music and the choise to express the lyric in soul of mind.


In the previous year Douwe Bob did an exelent performance in music and dance by an exelent performance on stage.

The music he now performs lingers to county in his purest dignity and true understanding.


Personally I am more on the line off the Missisippi Blues by Muddy Wathers, John Lee Hooker and Jerry lee Oswald Crone.

My exampels never the less make me truely understand the spirit in all American way copare to the leagacy in Dowe Bob'Music and style.


When you listen to his  vocals the street life, the homely burn and faith comes in name.


It is my pleasure to mengan his name together with Ilse Delange who does the same in diffrent ways and with a majesty I long to bare to the US public and beond.


In Japan and China teir music wold be an big sorce to knowlidge and the knowledge in hart by all crowds community'


When I listen to Dowe Bob though the years I hear a young man slowly gave birth to Whisky and Soda, God'majesty and the soul by the far horizons of the free South in America and the American way of life.


Vincent Massée

Song writer


Cloachester Hills

When I wonder through my Ile'

My herratige grounds

the ulimate waning ubrain

the enemy grounds

in solitude we go

upon Keltic way

with Torqes around our throat'


Yes we will be victorious

in all Kelic way'

no ferm soothold the animy

gives away

their lack to cutom

the fair in despite


No one should enter out Britain

No Roman soldier will deny

that we are stong

a brave victorious tribe

Scottich leagacy

all britain gives devine


Out Gods are mighty

Stronger than teirs

we Are Kelts

In all britain way'

Now we are growing

Whithout Union or common land


No ile off Britain can be stronger

without the Europeam union

or their cubisdy ground

We Kelts are proud

and not worrying the fear

to be gounded


in Romain


and strong defeat


our lances of pine the forest'provide

are man made

by us Kelts

in all Birain way'


Vincent Massée

Quitique d'Europeaine 2018, Leiderdorp

For all my stootup fellow man.



Zeemanslied, The sea loard'song, Vincent Massée, 2018

O mijn liefde is gevangen

tussen zon en tussen maan

kan de liefde mij nog vangen

nu jij van mij bent heen gegaan


Nee mijn leven gaat nu over

golven van de oceaan

rol in woeste stomen door

de grote Atlantische Oceaan


O mijn liefde is gevangen

en neemt mijn dromen met je mee

ja ik wil graag met je dromen

neem mijn liefde met je mee


Kom ik weer en gooi mijn anker

in je tuin mijn lieve schat

toe wees dan wel gelukkig

en kus mij met je hart


O mijn liefde was gevangen

maar is nu toch wel weer vrij

heb een ander meisje gevonden

met haar ben ik nu weer blij


In verre havens landen

scheepslui bij de vleet

ja mijn meisje zat in de haven

met een mand vol liefdesleed


Kon haar toen gelukkig troosten

in een warme lichte nacht

Onder wallekant mijn scheepshart

Is als een boom geplant

Binnen mijn trouw ontscheepte liefdeshart.

Schotland and the fial recognition to Gay and Lesbian rights and existence

Unlike the Neterlands Scotland is the first country in the common world of England UK to recognize the Homoseksuel Human good to educate the history at social uplifting freedom whithin the schools and teaching system.


The Netherlands where the first to aprove Homosekual equals to Hetro cityzen to mary and have their own children in a matramonial state of cityman ship.


Unlike the Netherlands Scotland came much later in the 80'ys with the recognitian that Homosekuality existed and that it is common and not an illness (like church and psychologist do say so in right wing society') and further on, that cityman ship on Gay or Lesbian basis is to approve by the gouvernment'.


In the past before my last divorce (2014) I used to dance with my fiancée in the Club off the COC at Zwolle, the best club for artists and free thinkers, with an exelent dance floor and good stong uplifting athmosphere and music.


No, I am not gay, but gay friendly, and that is what we need to teach pupils all over the globe.

A choise in life is free and can not uphand to and young individual to behave itself and compromise to church or society, no an Human soul is born out the freedom Jahwe gave in thought in mind and the knowledge of an whole body in mind.


Vincent Massée

Humanist and free thinker, Leiderdorp 2018

Inge van Calkar, Singer Songwriter, Menselijke veelzijdige Duizendpoot

"Vanzelfsprekend ben ik enthousiast en geïnteresseerd in de inhoudelijke kant van het vak. Maar meer nog ligt mijn interesse in de unieke persoon van de client. Met haar of hem een positieve werkrelatie aangaan die zorgt voor herstel en vooruitgang, is voor mij de uitdaging die het vak zo mooi maakt."Dit is een alinea. Klik hier om eigen tekst toe te voegen en te bewerken. Hier kun je jouw bezoekers je verhaal en bijzonderheden over jezelf vertellen.


Inge van Calkar bij Simone Songlines, NPO 2 om 3.00 pm.


Deze morgen wordt ik op een bijzondere en aangename wijze vergast op een zeer interssant interview met de begaafde Goningse Psychologe en Muzikante Inge van Calkar.


Ze mag dan wel als een doodgewone vrouw overkomen op zicht, maar in het gehoor denk ik sterk aan het talent van de andere Twentse Zangeres die met haar jaarlijkse show in de achterhoek dit jaar nog een zeer interessante uitzending heeft verzorgt op NPO 2.

Ilse Delange is een grootheid die Inge van Calkar zeker ook zal kunnen worden, zoals zij elkaar naar de kroon steken in leven en werk.


Inge van Calkar zoekt naar het intermenselijke contact, zoals Ilse Delange dit al heeft gevonden in en doormiddel van haar veelzijdige een grootse muziek carrière.


Nederland lijkt voor beiden echter te klein, zoals de bekende rapformatie 'De Jeugd'als tegenvraag al eerder in een NPO 2 programma opmerkte.

"Het land Nederland is een klein achterafzaaltje!" Aldus "De Jeugd."


Volgens mij heeft Ilse Delange het kleine achterafzaaltje al lang verlaten en als ik mijn geliefde John Lee Hooker als keuze goed beluister in de uitvoering met Bonny Raid, dan hoor ik daar Inge van Calkar in doorklinken.


Zoals Tennessee en Rockville voor Ilse haar podia zijn, zo is het Straight foreward van de goede Engelse Carvern Club Music voor Inge van Calkar haar ziel en culturele thuisgrond.


Het vloerbeeld van twee zageressen, de Icoon Ilse Delange en het bewezen aanstormend talent:"Inge van Calkar."

L'Arte dans le architectuur dans la monde de Proffesseur E.E.Content, Painteur

L'Artes Modernité du Eli Elias Content, un auverture au d'Artiste

Au cette ages ce peinse plus au ma amouré des jeunes villes çe mon viverité c'est lá.

Mon Proffeseur de Ecole de L'Arte Beaux au la petite Ville Kampen (Overijssel, Pays Bas) est un reconnesante plus importante de ma oeuvre d'artiste personal.


Les autres sont le Proffeseur d'Philosopie Onno Zijlstra et les Proffeseurs Kalingfrex et le sculturer Jan Dix.


Personages makantes où sont playage un viverité au ça ceour et mon avirage de arte special.

Je estudian Graphique, d'Lithograpie, Monumentale d'arte à Ruud Petersen et peintre avec les proffeseurs Content et Jan Zwaan, un rumouré et chanteur de humoristique.


Sa personal interesse je fabrique plus des modelles dans le Académie D'Beaux Art et dans mon Atelier au Apartement d'habite.


Le contact avec ma modelles sa un leuré special, oui je vivré au le moment te parler avec ma model aux art et le vité des poses dans le atelier de moi.


Eli content fabrique dans les ans seisante dix ses grides de New York au ça Canvas.

Le spectator plus grande demande un art purité au le lemps inhumane d'beau art dans Hollande.


Non, les artes sont mois à cuïcia d'vileurs de la rue.

Ans pas vite comme ministre president Van Aght repremande:"Il y a plus de artististes dans nos pais beau, ils va au ravaillez et marche á nos civilisation normal."

Le remarçe des liberales de CDA, un organisation Christiane.


Eli Content sont un Jewe autre comme les monde des Christianité.

Autre solutité au canvas, prompte et avec les çonnoisez des estudité d'object.

Content et une moderne artist.

Les objectivitez sont un prohabité absolute.


Mon préocupation est un lessaiçaise comme ça avec je importé la amour dans ma oeuvre.

La modele est la amour, donc le peinture est un object amorité de moi et autre cerrere de nous.


Poème by Vincent Massée

In this article I do want to bring light to my poetry work at Amazone, Kindle store.

When I go to a book store with common paper books, the high prices and the lack by distantion in artist way to heir subject is offious to me.


Like Carpet who's work is right in front at the Ilustirous collection d'siecle dix neuf is a good example to the distancion an true artist can make in his thriving towards imagination et reconnaissé d'oeuvre general.


I'd like to compair to him, to his leacacy and his strong forward opinion in artist way.

For me he is the ultimate example of recognition by Roamntics and the later Impressionist'thriving to explore the common wold in image and soul.


Carpet gives us not just a self portrait or an pipe and an gave, no he prestents truth and loyalty to  his effort to maintain the spectator to imagine and have no distance but rather feel the precense and the goals the artist particulates in his work of honor and majestity glory.


All works presented in the Louvere are in the true soul art, neverless the work of Carpet is art for art sake at his best.

No leacacy in poetry has got such an thriving effort, inpite all means.

Therefore I took the glove in competting him with my soul images.

Not the true distancion but the soulfull distance I vreate between me and my subject.


Alike Heidegger I create an Sein in Zeit und Wharheid.

I do want to create truth in words and framing the worlds frame in strofe and solitud words.

In French I do write else then in English or Dutch.

When I think of Holland then I don't see windmeals or waterworks.

No I'd love to see my herritage.

The Jiddich way of talking, framing and the illustirous end of an fabric by words and thoughts.


In France there is Baudelaire, who is an true frame of imagination, together with Manet who gave birth to an whole other way of looking and feeling.

In his Dèjeunér sur L'Herbe trois fugures and une spectaore d'femme est les çonairtre d'amour et sage les esprit.


Les esprit ne ranversé plus dans les histoires de mondes du France.


In my French poetry I try like an French Jew state my esprit and my forward thriving to think (sage) to explore right in front at the eyes at the spectator, man or wife.

Father or Mother, Cild or Addult.


Poetry is man made and God given, it's the song d'universe.


An true legacy I represent à ma livere d' Poète: Vivre



Vincent Massée

Artist des beaux art

The discussion around a childeren party and legal gouvenment discrimination in the Netherlands

Today the brave Fysian free people are sentenced by a preocupayd Judge and law system.

How come?

When Wilders with succes defended the article one in the lawsystem of the Netherlands, he didn't know that rebel black people with heavy firework and wooden sticks grap tha tlaw to hit inesend children and teir parents in Leeuwarden whith the help of the Dutch police.


I can easily say that because the police in Leien tried to break my back when they locked me up in jail becouse of future sience evidence and intoxination by the criminal network of killers and rapers in jusrisdiction to the so called free Dutch german police.

I dit speake once with one of the 10 policeman who protested to grap Jews during the second wold war, one was killed by the germans.

I write German with a small letter because tey still rule Europe with their fine and destabilsing ideas.

Merkel got people all Arabian or black into the European society.

Who is familiar to Arabian like a Jew, you know there is a major lack in aproval in the deepest sence of thinking.


Often I am invited to their home, but my home is not Kosjer, it is Feuccha to them.

I do think that heir minds are to nearrow and tiny to ever step in the Humanist way of culture like Decartes or Sumuel Leibnitz.


No, philosopy, painting, sculturing, music, reading, wislyu talking is not what the occupy.

Only the grab for easy money and the wave of mussels trained in sport schools and Mosks are their fundamental goals.


Just alike the other black people who do came here in the wave of Merkels phony idea that we are all alike.


I am a proud Jew and I do have a Koshi Room, no footprints of the so called friendly Nazi regime of the Dutch social care I have to bear for loger than one hour.

I  take my information from them, seek out their plans and counteract.


All in the spirit of my Jawe, my stommack he lives, my guidece in times of difficulty and defeat.


My grandparent survived two camps, my grandmother Ausswich, she already stood in the gaschamber with her realtives when she was taken out.

She was sorry because of that.


My grandfather was in Ausswich and Sobibor, the Blumenstrasse.

He fought himself with his camerades out, taking the machine guns from the towers with them.

They used them good.


If I get my Pantzer back, then I fight the same struggle again, only then I do what he didn't do, I go back to Israel.


With or without my lovely dauger, Lysanne Elianne.

She is Jawe given, her whole name long.


Let me be victorious, the GGZ in spite.

I get their brains out

With every occaission tere might be in the near future.


I jus twait, I wait so long, already 52 years in timless hope.




Why are the so called social media incorrect and corrupt with personal interets?

Instagram and Facebook lean their ear to the commericial and lone woolf of money and lack to democratic behavioures.

Facebook is with Suckerberg a real numer one in the game for people down pression and the lack in social skins and common European law.


Both organisations are stongly allianced to Google and other big playes on the marked like Apple.

The Apple computer empire rules the world of internet and I am just a lone Windows orientated person.


Recently I tried to get my art work on Instagram and my site name at SimpleSite.

Well the corrupt Facebook German organisation just hold their leck stiff, now fundamentla thinker goes on internet without the proof of Trump.

Facebook must compied with the porn industry and other oganisations who post their opinions to the net and on the two social platforms under other names and pictures.


My immages are pure and art for art sake, not alone that, I tell the story to love in my work.

My love for life and absoluut freedom.

Facebooks Suckerberg misbuse his absoluut right with his but headed image of an anti social en right wing coalition to maintin the Simple Site out of their ranks off freedom aof press and the right to prove sientic proof in image and word.


When I was Einstein I would accepted the invitation and went away to Israel.

Rather bombs and granates out rebel Palestianian guns, then the knife in the back in a total corrupt so called fee society.


Vincent Massée

Schulz, Jew by Birth


Cityzens all over the world at our beautiful old and historic Amsterdam got to know that there is another fine most intersting city in the Netherlands, it is near an very old canal.


The famous waterwork of the Golden Age, the era of Willen I, the first King of Holand who got very much knowledge of modern waterworks and gave intire Holland en the rest of the Netherlands his fortune to everyone.


In this era his son Willem V steps in his footprints whith his interest in modern Water Manegement.

Water Manegment is more than canals only, it is the thiving power bhind human need to spread water all over the existend globe off these present days.


Now Appingendam, the Damsers in the middle of our beautiful country the Netherlands give birth to an nem leagacy to all tourists and civilians at the contry sides of teh Canal lake distrikt.


I AM Amsterdan is more than the symbol of one city, it stand for the common prodject to give birth to the leagacy in modern Humanistic goals of participation and citymanship.


All people who got a picture of them together with the famous white letters from the Museum square do have the citymanship at Amsterdam and very soon maybe that of the most famous Appingendam.


It is the ultimate occaision to bring you aquaintance at the Dutch people and the herritage of Golden ages in a brother and wider perspective.


The move from Amsterdam to Appingendam is a historical effort a Willem I worthy.


The move in a modern socity towards a deeper understanding of you, the gueat of my beautiful county Holland.


Vincent Massée

Artist and Humanist

Sky, Potograph by Vincent Massée

Leiderdorp County site

Maria, Poem to Main Characther Masha; SF Love Novel:"Suremacy." by Vincent Massée


Long time no see

That is where lonlynees begins


No solitude in our life

You and me

you filled my heart for ever

and'-⁠ more,


no lonley days in life anymore

other than me don't belong to you,

I'm alone now

Just like a dog


without divine God above

Deep into the devil'solitude

I bow, just because this is what you give


While my is bleeding

My heart never belonged

to you

Now I'll go into deep soil beneeth

There you belong


I catch you while you,

At the very end your life lose

In all your loveless defeat.



Vincent Massée

Auteur, Supremacy, Kindle store Amazone, 2018 

eBook at Vincent Massée by the Kindle Store to Amazone Free Pulishing

The 21th century brings us freedom and a new brand in art.

Not just art for art sake, becouse that remain in me too, no more a kind of engagement against the common more futile in behavioure and culture.


I don't look just in my own back Yeard, no my stage is the wold and internet and photography' are the ultimate unity and bounds to make my word go lingering though CNN and Al Yazira.


I am an artist in word and speach, my soul is black for any Afro American, Yelow Becouse I see a Common goal in solitude justidge in the far past of the Americas, North and South.


My spitit is eighter white, so you can read in my sience fiction novel Supramacy, a All American srory in the wold of an common best with all native English spoken worlds.


The Dutch mob Comes Even in Speach, but only by noticing that in the 21th century they are with the Holland'economy and politic.


Like my reader' I live in the 21th century and am born in the 20th ( Vincent Massée Haarlem 1966, North Holland.)


Would you step out of the light of a shy ET and go into a new wold of stars and make love to a beautiful Ukraine woman in the novel on eBook supported by the Amazone Kindle Store?


Just go and pay that dollar, read and enjoy wonderfull images, art and modern sience by the thinker, sience equipter, writer and poetry by Vincent Massée.


I thank you and may God bless you.


Vincent Massée



Vivre, Poems d'France                              

Victor Emanuel


Vademecum Vincent Relativiteit

Cultuur in woord en foto's bij Amazone Boek en Kindle eBook van Vincent Massée

Het gescheven boek verdwijnt langzaam uit het beeld in de keukens en op de zonnige vakantieoorden tijdens de lange vakanties ver van het Nederlandse koude weer. afgelopen zomer was het in Nederland óok een mooie Kindle eBook zomer, verzorgd door de Deense publisher van het Kidle eBook van  Amanzone.


Amazone geeft uit in de hele wereld, mijn werk ligt in de US maar ook in Japan, België, Frankrijk en Nederland.


Enkele werken heb ik op papier en in eBook uitgegeven zoals: "Verlren Landen en Victor Emanuel."


Verloren Landen is een Poëzie bundel, die zoals al mijn werken in schrift fraai is geïllustreed met Kunst.


boeken en de data van het eBook is internationaal, een eigen wereld die van ons allemaal is.

Schrijven verreikt, ik moet er zaken en dingen voor uitzoeken.


Soms in mijn gedachten, dan heet het een idee of mooier gezegd inspiratie, maar vaker lees en praat ik met andere schrijvers en journalisten over tal van zaken die ik in mijn werk beschrijf.


Op het moment dat ik het pornonetwerk van de crimineel R.D.Hoekstra beschrijf een jeugdvriend van mij die naar zijn eigen zeggen naast diefstal van mijn Royalties bij Brave


New Books van, de poppetjes buiten zette.

"En dat doe ik goed,"zei hij tegen zijn eveneens criminele vriend P.Rosselie, van wie ik weet dat hij in mijn bijzijn zeker drie vrouwen heeft verkracht en vermoord.

Een aantal (twee) heeft hij samen met zijn Herdershond opgegeten.


In de kastenkamer van zijn flat aan de Laan van Ouderzorg heb ik hem een dijbeen stuk van een jonge vrouw zien geven, ik mocht er niet aankomen.

Alsof een Joodse man zo onkoosjer is dat hij aan een lijk komt.

Ik kon mij niet wassen en zou dus kunnen sterven, de duidelijkheid en het kennen zou verdwijen en de crimineel Rosselie zal nog meer vrouwen laten verdwijnen.


Ik wist toen nog niet dat hij en Hoekstra een machtige bondgenoot zouden krijgen die graag in mijn Royalties en het pornonetwerk funktioneerden en gelden daaruit konden verkrijgen.

Een man of vrouw krijgt van het Reizigersnetwerk, de studio heet het 'Reisbureau' en is gevestigd in Leiden, achter een blinde wegdraaibare wand, een idee van Rosselie die dit ook in zijn eigen flat met succes heeft toegepast.

Daar sluit hij jonge vrouwen en soms een jongeman op om te verkrachten en te doden als het plezier voorbij is en hij als echte necrofiel van het dode lichaam wil gaan genieten.


Ruud Hoekstra merkte dat smalend op tijdens een feest dat Rosselie gaf in 2014 in zijn huiskamer, mijn slaapkamer was daar recht boven gelegen.

"Je houd alleen maar van stijve lijken en je smult er nog van ook!"

Vogens mij duidt dit op een regelrechte moorddrang van beiden.


Ja ik heb Ruud een prostituee zien aftuigen in dezelfde zomer van 2014, ze had al drie meisjes van de prostitutie overgehouden, zijn hoeren hebben namelijk onbeschermde seks.

Dat vinden de domme vrouwen kennelijk spannend en Ruud de sadist denkt niet aan het vaderloze kind.


Mijn boeken gaan hierover, zoals mijn laatste werk Vincent, Magnificat, bij Amazone hierover gaat.

Het staat op de site en voor het geld hoeft u de sensatie niet uit de weg te gaan.


Er is niets leuker dan te lezen en te vernemen hoe dom en log, onmenselijk wreed; criminelen, Justitie, Politie en bovenal de GGZ kan zijn.


Nederland behoort volgens Ruud tot een nieuwe orde.


Vandaag was de GGZ nog even bij mij thuis, als dissident heb je net als tijdens de USSR tijd veel pillen te slikken als je wat laat horen.


Deze blog leest toch niemand, mijn werk wordt niet verkocht, heeft U een dochter?


Is ze een beetje geschikt voor Hoestra of Rosselie, deze typen lopen overal, beschermd door de belangen van de psychiatrie en de corrupte Politie.


Voor geld kopen mensen geen eBOOK of papieren boek, neen zij lezen niet.

Ze gaan op hun rug en hopen op veel klanten, 1,50 per klant, wat zullen de vrouwen van het reizigersnetwerk rijk worden.


Ruud stal samen met een GGZ medewerkster in contact met de FIOD, politie en suprieuren van mij, bij 35% interest.


Ja ik berken rente, ik blijf toch maar een domme Jood en al het bovenstaande is vast niet waar.


Fake News, All Fake News! (Citaat N.Y.Trump, 08-11-2018, Witte Huis, tegen de CNN. )



Goden en dienaren

De Nederlandse Gezondheid zorg is een werld op zich

Eigen wetten in bescherming van politie, Rechters en de landsadvocaat.

Elke minister geeft een ongebreideld budget aan de psychiatrie met 

zijn eigen werleld aan verholen onbeschermde rechtspraak en het samenspannen van rechtspraak en de zogenaamde deskundigen, de eigen vertrouwenspersonen die zich tegen hun clënt keren op het moment dat ze bijvoorbeeld minder medicijnen willen nemen omdat zij zich beter gaan voelen of dat een eeuwig durende Rechterlijke Machtiging die vrijheid inperkt en samenwonen, kinderen of een huwelijk onmogelijk maakt.

In het laatse geval komt de GGZ elke week een tot zeven keer kijken of je wel braaf op de bank zit.

Werken wordt met een uitkering van he tUWV onmogelijk gemaakt, of je moet willen schoffelen op vrijwillige basis.

Bij de GGZ lopen vast een groot potentieel VVD'ers rond, die in hun vrije tijd uiterst rechts in de frachtie stemmen samen met de ondoordachte UWV en de ziekenfondsen.

de belastingbetaler geeft per hoofd van de werkende bevolking naar mijn vrij schatting gemiddeld 150 euro per maand aan het medicijn en huisverstings investeringsfonds van de fondsen voor de GGZ

Ik moet zo al twee keer per maand bloed prikken à 300 euro per keer en slik voor 15.000 euro per jaar medicatie.

de zo nodig die ik regelmatig door mijn strot gedrukt krijg kost 450.000 euro.

Er zijn door de vasthoudende kettingdiagnosen van de GGZ in Nederland ongeveer 1.500.000 gevallen zoals ik.

Ik ben blij dat U graag voor mij betaald minister van volksgezondheid en het UWV.

Aan het einde van mijn leven op 99 jarig leeftijd heb ik euro verdiend.

Dat doet een gewone gezonde crimineel mij niet na, en ik wordt er ook nog lekker High van.

"Dope Man!" (Seve Marley, August 2007, California Beach.)


Vincent Massée

Schrijver en Denker & Algebraïst

(Psychiatrisch ervaringsdeskundige, sinds 1991)

Proof to Envirnmental chanches around the globe

In the eviden to the 'Rapid'environmental climate chanche I can be swift and short.

Just look at the so called brief chance in the 18st century in Euope, the Thems froze and Holland produce a lot of wintery landscapes.


In the Roman Empire time the climate also schanched in favour of warth and dry not freezig long winters.


In our days the winters bacome in Europe short and in the US longer and cold, triving hot and warm summers in Calofornia and the rest of the US.

True Common Marked in the Civilized Wold'

My thoughts about a true common marked is stabilized and formed by the efforts to the VS, China, Japan and Canada.


These majour Economies better then the back draft Economy of the European countries who lack moral, lawful insititons and gain only profit by underestamating their own workers and technology.


European company' are graduall milked by Chinese state and VS dominance on the common marked.

Slowly Europe proof itself like a old and futile Economy who is seas to die in the new eara.

I look in the 21st Economical time towards the VS, Russia, Oekrain, China, Korea's and Japan.

These glorify new Economy' of the common best will be ruling the Economic wold towards the next 22th century' in space and time.

China who maintain his effort to step by the VS in a new arrive in deep space and earth technology.


The economy is more than a bird or a green dismanteled grassland from an aboned framer in spite of nature reserve.

The Euro Pean Union is loosting terrain by unwilling economic investmenst in favour of a futile 20th century goal to so called 'preserve the earth.'


Our environment is rapidly chanching just bacause our chanching possition towards the sun and the lack of industrial reform.

In IJmuiden and elsewhere in Europe are the real destoyers of nature and climate.

The steel factory and the needless transprort of half fabricks over the globe brings environmetal damidge.


Nowadays I see that the Ukrain is thriving together with Russia towards a new society and economy.

Helped by the neclectance of the So Clalled Free European States and their own Union the Ukain is uplifting with hope and glory in our common wold ecomomic stratigy to gain interst in the mighty Russian Union of States.


Once I met an Ukrain woman, Yana Komarova, together with her I did correspond and phoned to hear her voice, we where in love.


Therefore she told me a lot about her contry and the love the Ukain of the East in heir large country feel for Russia and the truth in live and love in all common way and dignity'.


I do want to share her with you and honor her intelligency and mind in this little tesamonoy of a lost love and a world to gain.


Vincent Massée

Pays Bas.


About the lack of dignity for the individual at Facebook

maybe you think this piece will be by you, like a Facebook user, who so likely looks into someone' bithday cacke, or cry to a funeral on Facebook.

Photo by picture goes the wold by the eyes of the leem and dirty minds of their users.

What ever started like and idea for a yearbook and gladly Stolen by Suckerberg, is went into a mess of dirt and stain, the stain of grapsing.

Not by the communities, no by Suckerberg.

After my book about economy at the end of this year ( I will make a piece on tablet for Suckerberg.

His lack of privacy, his misbuse of intelligence, his lack of law in the country he is posting, his couwardnes and more than that, his lefhanded politic straticy which is ultra right.

Suckerberg loves the American President and Milanya.

I love Milanya too, she should run the white house, no one is arrested for being forener anymore under her Juristiction I guess.

Suckerberg loves his mirror and all what is not in his mirror like art or sience is black.

Suckerberg, do you hate black people?

Do you hate me for being black like an withe artist?

Among the Facebook community Artists are just scam Black people, so appar'

The actual lack of stability in economic and juristic law enforcement by The European Uninon

What bothers every civillion in Europe after the neclectence of their voice and speach the most is the lack of leadership, of a lose and leame European Super State.


Right now we can see the first outcome of some probems we do have to encounter.

While Angela Merkel did say "Wir Schaffen das," the South of Europe and France had to deal with the problems in large streams of refugees coming over the Mediterrain after her unwise European Speach for her own political sake and matter.


Now a large group setteld refuguees from Arabië in Riace, Italië, under the meir Domenico Luciano, did found good cultural and economic home in a small emptying mountian village.

The refugees had to leave in trucks like Jews in the Nazi time, becouse the European


Ministers decided that they should be locked up in camps, to end maybe in the very North of Norway.

An other matter is the step back for problems of state within the continent where people conserns are involved like the Catalunian Freedomstruggle, date since Franco.


The Board in Brussels lack any speach with their leader, in sollid weacknece.

Timmermans called the unproportional behavorire, the right of the state.


A right that a state has got to explain to every Catalonian.

The push for Money by the European Central Bank

The Crisis of the Year 2008 brought the bank of Europe to the brilliant idea of push a lot of virtual money to the West European Economy.


The money was withdrawn from the marked by a negative interest diveration wich brougt the normal European tax payer to the limit of all his pension efforts in negative way.


Nowerday' the bank tries to close the maintaning gap between not sollid paper money and everyday reality for the common man.

Every country in Europe has got the same problem with the underpaid underlay of human existence of fellow man who can not pusue in money value standards.


It is a lack with the growt of the virtual base that the banks can not fullfill their promisse to pay back all the money wich they gain in less solid times.


The virtual base needs a kapital driving investment to make money sollid and reyleble in present and future times.


It is therefore that the European Bank in facto no longer remains like a sollid real rasionallity.


Pax Europeana

In the European Commision is the fear for other nw and more young modern states a given fact, by the call for recollection of Turkey and the common Ukrain for partnership of the European Union.


Turkey who succesfully abendend anty Democratic Principles by the army like Yeltsin did in times of Russian Revolution against army and anty Democratic movements, is a sollid economy and political partner of freedom of the West.


Turkey inly gives an other maintaince to te word absoluut freedom, but in European counties is freedom also regulated by gouvernments and law.

It went officous by the VN who interfiered in the celebration of St, Nicolas a feast since 1432 foundend in the Katholic Old Church in Amsterdam, Holland.


The VN denied the right of Piet figures in Holland and Belgium. the old reprensentatives of Spanish  Mores. 

The weak President Rutte bow for the VN.


The Ukrain is a cahpture appart.

After long and painfull reoragaintmenst by the Ukrain gouvernments in both Urkain and Seperate Area's the European Commision decided in all his majesty that the total


Ukraine Free and Occupaid can not a true member of the European Union.

What is the outcome of these proceses?


The outcome is that a sollid solution about civil rights in Turkey and the autcome of the MH17 disaster never can be found in pollitics or true human existence.

"We don't make Mistakes We make just like happy axcidents"

'Above Heads article is after Bob Ross, date july 1996: Painting City River Lake; Bever piece.'


Sinterklaas vers/ St. Nicolas Lyric, Dutch




O, mijn lieve Pietje

Voor het Sinterklaasfeest

van mij als kind

Wil ik een heel mooi popje


Een popje dat danst en zingt

Nee, het is geen heel groot popje

Het is juist klein van stuk

Danst op ons fornuisje

van blij en zinnelijk geluk


Dan komt er een heel klein muisje

bakt met mijn lieve popje klein

mooie fijne glanzende koekjes

die heel onhandig steeds zwarter zijn

Ze lijken op jouw mooie gezichtje


Maar jij bent sterk en mooi

Je lijkt wel een Moor

Uit Spanje heel erg schoon

Ja, mijn Sinterklaasje

Jullie komen uit een heel ver land


Daarom krijg ik pepernootjes

in mijn fijne hand

Samen met mijn lieve popje

Eet ik deze heel erg snel op

Voordat mijn mooie vriendje

Ze laat vallen en dan is het op.


Lyric of Sint Nicolas, Mama of Europe

Sinter Mama!



Sinter Mama!


Sinter Papa!


Lieve Papa, kom en Kijk!

Kom toch kijken wat ik vid in mijn schoen

Van onze Sint!


In mijn mooie nieuwe schoentje

Een hele fijne vriend

Gemaakt van zuiver snoepgoed

Uit verse planten, Oh! Wat fijn!


Ik zie ook een mooi roze balspel

En Oranje Marsepein, meters hoog

Het komt ver uit boven mijn hoofdje

Oh!Mijn Papa, wat ben je groot!


Nu til je mij op je paard.

Rijdt naar Spanje ik mag mee!

Speel met Pieterbazen onder Palmbomen

Zwem in golven met ons Marilène


Mijn kleine lieve vriendinnetje

Wij zijn BFF, ja ons zijn hartsvriendin!

Oh, mijn grote Papa

Breng mij terug naar Mama, alsjeblieft.


Vanavond is er appeltaart met slagroom

Voor jouw verjaardag

Op 5 December, voor uw lieve schone hart,

Oh, onze grote lieve Oude Sint.


Quanta Energy

IR= R x AL + (3.1-1)+(A-0,5 x 2.O)a=


Helio Mare a clean perpetum Moble which will be introduced in my new sientific work about economy and technic in Europe, Leiderdorp.


The outcome is Amp 222.000.000 mi/Ns  (1. Nano sec.)

When I think about Holland

When I think about Holland then I see people small like mice

Tiny brains as cold as ice

They have a King not even better

Married a Princes with a killing father, no matter


When I think about Holland the I see a corrupt police

With mighty weapons and killing at sight

Strong as nails on you koffin so very nice


When I think about Holland I think of the fortune that I miss

Whithout my daughter my child

It is her what I miss...

When I think about you


I never forget

It is the love

Holland forget

In slavery of all man kind


Is it Holland you just get out of your bluddy mind.

About Erasmus

There is something rotten in Europe

A little Nazi zountry near the sea

Never told that the was was won bij freedom

in spirit and mind


Every psychiatric service with cold isolatation cells

People just lifetime senteced

whithout a good honest trail

smasched like carrots at sight


Thorn out their friendly life

Thorn out of law

No jurisdiction

A Nazi country alike.

Modern Sinterklaas Rijm

Er komt een man uit Spanje

Met Tabbart en Staf

Hij is een hele Heilige

Maar moet de isoleercel in

Een mooie straf


Moet hij zich maar niet uitgeven voor

Allemansvriend dat is verdacht

Opsluiting in eenzaamheid is 

Wat hij zeker verdiend


De onschuldige kinderen wachten op cadeaus

Hele mooie, maar de Sint verlaat de inrichting


Van alle ringen en staf ontdaan

Moet hij naar huis terug lopen


Ja het is met het heerlijk avondje gedaan

Voortaan komt de GGZ kijken of je wel

Braaf bent geweest

Met meewarige blikken


Of je de pillen in  je hebt

Dat je eindelijk geneest

Van alle vreugde in het leven

Dat is wat onze Sint eigelijk zo graag

Aan elk mens in eerlijkheid

Had willen geven.

Apartheid in Holland

There is a country of the little finger

It dismantels in solitude all what lingers

I the air of freedom

Whith laws in gravity and strong

Putting every civillion in jail

Who protests

Against system and histeem

No matter who

Is being lone and hungry too

Put in GGZ the psychiatric system


helped by law and police department'

No one can lean on truth

In Holland all people are brainwahed

In USSR solitude


No dissident is free

intoxinated people do see honestly


He or she is mad

No gallixy to prove

No ordinairy voice is ever

a testimony to prove.

Why I don't invest in the Neherlands anymore...

Since worl war two it is abolutely wrong in the Netherlands.

Majesty Queen Wilhelmina told the Nazi's exactly where weapons and food is dropped during the war.

I know that because my grandfather was a high placed man whitin the Dutch resistence.

They could shoot this woman on sight if they could, but she run off to England while the Danish King stood hold in his fortace during the whole war.


Now the couwarcy of the Oranges goes on, collecting titles and names of poor nobelman like me.

I am a French Nobel man D'Bourbon, and soon they found out, the King personally came to smach my back.


In the isolation chamber for seven days without food or water with the light on all day and night they tried te break me.

Even I was stolen my artwork and money, 1.600.000.000 euro in the first year.

The holy GGZ now comes to visit me every week in hope to steal more of me.

Don't they have enough?

No, they do want my dead body, like Jesus on the cross.

I am a good Jew and I don't kill them like Wilhemina did with a lot Dutch in the resistence.

No, I only kill them with the truth, or am I just lying now?

They surely do want to believe any investor to think so.

The lack to culture and cultural value in the Netherlands in historic perspective

This  era Holland, more then the rest of the Netherlands, is willing to contol Europe and the world by his so called high plased Cultural and moral standart'

These day how ever do show that The Netherlands got nothing to give to Europe and lesser to say about regimes and other countries in the world in comprehension to his own lack to moral value and spirit of free cultural minds.


The Neterlands recontite all people whith a good CV and helpers in academy and university grounds.

When someone dears to say another speech then the common governmental urban thruth he or she will die in poverty and defiet.


No one can speak free in the Netherlands unless you do want to lose your mental health, your wife and child, your home and all value in the existence of man in homly basis.


I encounterd once an beginning artist who is reaching high now, R.Zandvlied, who gave a murderer of a youg female student an evaluation and spech to cort and justice.

I never go for such efforts to make my carrière go up, no I choose for the path of my Gossie Jahwe, my soul in Jew paridise of mind.


Don't go to Holland or the Netherlands when you do aspect to meet honest and sencire people when you meet the government like police, fireman, amblunce man or a judge in all his majesty of cort chambers.


No go to Israel and invest in Jeruzalem, our kingdom in heaven.

The Netherlands and with them Europe lost it, the thruth in Gods wisdom of free and Cultural gifeted minds.



Vincent Massée, Homo Universalis Libertas, d'Le Artes Beau. 

What About Self Pubishing and their Publishers offices indcide'

"A lot of people do have a lot to say."

Ophera Winfry, during her new Woman Shows.


Do you have a lot to say.

Yes Ohera, I have a strong opinion lately

What is that Opinion, how may I call you?


Opra You may call me Vincent, Is that all right Opra?

Yes it sutes me...lauching oudiance and guest.

The ice is broken.

Come and sit on this chair on stage for a moment.


What do you see? You are a home writer, what is a homly writer?

Well, I don't give my name to organisations or advertisement'

Oh, dear, how bad is that, I mean you are at home like any other writer, and then,

                                          What Happend to you.


Well United PC Pulishers stole money from me, and gave it to a nurse in the mental hospital.

Wauw! Now comes a new bug looking!

What did you do there, vacation? Lauging again, but to be made quite by the host of the show.


I was poisend by a few murders who didn't love me and where in contact with the autorities of some countries near the Midelterrain Seashore....Opra.

Do you have proof my Vincent if I may still call you so.

Yes Opra, Israel makes Hematoxiline in large quntities, the Mossad uses it and it is exported to Syria, the VS, Netherlands and Russia.


Along Russia it comes to other regimes and countries.

What is so bad at this drug Vincent?

Well Ophra, it makes a woman horny and mad and for the man counts te same, but in large quantities it looks like a mental illness you have got from not taking Mental legalised medicine.


Oh, you have got them already?

Do they work Vincent?

Well Ophra, everybody should have them in the whole world, it gives you a vibe and makes you see beautiful color' and strange sounds.


What kind of sond, Vincent?

The sound of music Ophra...

Lets end here, thank you Vincent.


'The Sound of Music!'


Appouding from Opra and all her guests.




Ophra gets the whole scoop.




Vincent Massée

Writer and self publisher

Divorced since 2014 and proud father to Lysanne Elianne


UNITED PC PUBLISHERS AMSTERDAM gave him no Ryalties for a minimal figure of 330.000.000 euro.

The dutch state and the Chamber of Law graduated the publisher in his right to give all the money of a Patient to its nurse and GGZ care organisation till top leavel.


"Money, it don't means a deam! Who cares for mony, it is not the way I am"

John Lee Hooker, and Muddy Waters.


My Publisher' swing

After some dificulties no payment, high costs to publish and State' Royalty tax in The Netherlands;


Vincent Massée went to:     



Now his artwork is worldwide availeble on paper and even better on the Kindle Tablet reader.


Pricing availeble to anoyone'purse and household and easy to maintain.


Prices from 0,99 Euro! E reader Kindle

Ordinary paper books are 5% cheaper than in other markets in Holland.


Recent publications:


Wereld Strijd 3,           New edition!

Kookvakanties,           New inlay!

Vincent,                        E Reader service!

Verloren Landen,        Poetry, E Reader Edition; Below 5 euro!


Much more availeble in the store!


Recent up coming work from Vincent Massée, (Haarlem 1966.)

Divorced May 2014, father of one daughter and Artist, Writer and Humanistic thinker; 


Vademecum Vincent Economie, Supremation SF novel and 'The live in mental institution' '


The latest art writing to Vincent Massée is all English spoken and illustrated by the gifted arist.

Vincent Massée, Artist and Writer (photo: Leiderdorp, 2016)

Poems by Stromae

Sans Edith Piaf statue sa poem d'amouré á 'Non ne gratre rien!', Stromae state dans les Ban les dieux il ecrie avec son chanson 'Papa Hauté.'


C'est le poem ultimaté des vives comme les monde des clochards et Philosophes le autre vie de Paris.

'Papa Haute,' ecrie les coeur les gens noramles, d'un autre culture reponsé a le monde Françiases.


Le president et le civil police demande plus a se Papa tourné et non de l'argent, pas la coeur tot seul.

non protecté a stutue normal.


Papa hauté et la voicie des Arabic Françies et les peuple de landes pas le monde moderne.


Papa haute est un schanson d'pleuré forte plus.


Pleuré a un chance non existe pas.


Vincent Massée



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